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On Mindless Blogging

This morning is following another Hospital weekend work commitment. This time I worked the 'Evening' shift, 15:00 to 23:30. Not quite so mind-altering as a Midnight shift, and still leading to late to bed, possibly different sleep. So a slow start to the morning.

Or it could be that Herself put both Bros out on duty last night to watch over the Dirty Yard Birds (our chickens). We suspect a fox, most likely, for some recent losses which slowed down with moving Squrrl from spot to spot, adding another helpful aid (a marvelous use for conservative all-night talk show radio) and occasionally, two Border Collies on duty. Houdini, feeling he has risen to a Position in Life will oblige for a night or two, then make a fuss about being 'put' outside at night. He didn't fuss at me when I got home, and he stayed outside.

Until about 03:30 when I woke up to thunder. Houdini happily came inside and snuggled all 27 kilograms of himself into my armpit.

On the other hand, left Squrrl out on duty. Then within a half hour, heard Herself get up and go out. Shortly after, Squrrl walked through the bedroom on the way to his favoured 'spot' in the house. He's been getting some Indoor Dog time recently, particularly with the very high heat and heat index conditions we're experiencing. Herself mentioned as she headed back to bed that she needed to close the windows on Forrest Nissan Pickup...

Work, as in Hospital, does seem to affect my blogging time. Recently started working 10 hour shifts four days per week, rather than the 'traditional' five days by eight hours. This provides an additional 'BossStaysHomeDay' quite handily. It is also not terribly hard to work those additional two hours. They go by quickly, and fact is what with staying over to finish cases or some such, I'm often there for a good portion of those two hours anyway. It also helps Hospital to control overtime expenses, and what with various and sundry aspects of today's economic situations coming in to play is probably the largest reason that my two years of requests to work this schedule finally received approval.

Thing that affects blogging time, and truly considering all that extra time formerly known as overtime this is a long term situation, is that after work and commute home (between walking out to parking garage [healthy] and the drive out to Ranch about 45 - 50 minutes) I'm getting home in time to help with evening Ranch chores, then eat supper, then... off to bed.

Add to that the recent business of DDoS to the primary blog site and not a lot of expression going on here. Made a posting recently about how disoriented I feel following the weekend off-shift work, and how long that disorientation may last. Post disappeared into the DD0S. Some of that is on me, I neglected to do a copy/paste of the text before hitting 'Post'. Being somewhat 'flight of ideas' writing, it is truly flown away. Such is life.

That post was my first indicator that the DDoS started. Things settled down a bit over there, and I'm not even sure my current problem is due to the DDoS. Periodically I've problems accessing the secure login on LJ. Often it is due to the wireless router for the Ranch network needing a re-boot. Not sure it is always due to that though. At any rate, now I can read my LJ, and the Reading List commonly known as Friends List. Can't log into the site, though.

Made another post on DW using crosspost during that time period. Crossposting failed as well, and I've not attempted to re-post that quite yet. In some ways this is a minor thing (cross-posting, not being able to access). There is a roof over our head, food on our table, we've gainful employment to provide these things, we've got the Ranch to also help provide these things. In other ways...

Apparently, Reportedly, the DDoS is due to a political entity attempting to control (prevent) access of a significant number of their citizens to their blogs. Denial of access to media is control of a media. There may be a valid, there definitely is a significant argument that such is the internal business of any specified political entity. What does this become, though, when denial of access to a media which constitutes an expression of Free Speech impinges upon the traditional (and supposed guaranteed by law) civil rights of citizens in other political entities?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Well, during the DD0S and lack of postage, though I do believe I managed to put up something about it (yes, I did. Here on DW, the post which didn't cross) I got some Studio 318 time in. Initial post-production is done, with 'initial' defined as reviewing images for view-ability (as in no corrupted files), adding pertinent meta-data (as in Session Theme, Contract/Consent on file, Date, KeyWords, Categories), and then creating JPG files for proofing. Also part of this is the first backup, onto an external hard drive. Still to be done is burning DVD backup of the 'RAW' files, and the proofing itself.

That's for later today, after the Ranch is fed, when it's gotten too warm plus humid outside to be happy.

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