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If It's Tuesday, It Must Be...

Well, not really more disorientation though it is sort of more. As in off of Hospital today because I'm working on Saturday. So if it's Tuesday, and I'm off, it must be Saturday.

Exciting feed run this morning (NOT), all squirreled away into the respective barrels and therefor protected from rain. Of which we've been getting some, finally, and much appreciated. Still behind on the drought index, though not so bad as other areas are. Watching those tropical storm systems both because they could get nasty and because it is those tropical storm systems which will potentially bring enough rain to break the drought.

Then inside, and a bit of proof editing on last Wednesday's Saturday photos (I did mention is sort of not but really disorientation, right?) interrupted with working on some new chicken houses. Not fancy, more like wire, and used mostly only overnight to help keep those Dirty Yard Birds safe from fox or whatever is come calling. We got two mostly put together, still need the doors, or hatches, depends on your point of view I suppose. Then we both fled the heat and humidity for indoors. And more photo editing on my part, though I've now stopped because my eyes hurt.

Which, we shall see, on Thursday we'll get checked and perhaps a new prescription will help with the eye achiness... or achy-ness, or you know, seeing better for less effort.

No, I'm not showing you any of the photos yet. Not done proofing. First, the proof-editing for the model. Then, the selection process, which pieces to work up. Then, the work-up. Then the show y'all the work.

That's my day. How's yours?

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