madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Morning Rounds

In from morning Ranch Rounds, wherein all critters usually fed in the morning received rations, those critters not usually fed in the morning complained as usual, and one other chore accomplished. Finished lashing up the top row of bamboo on Herself's tomato lattices, though I think they shall want some cross bracing as well. Uprights not as deeply into the earth as might be desired. Will correct that situation with the next round. This round needs to see us through only a couple more months of tomato production before it will start being too cool (again) here in North Central Baja Jorja for tomatoes.

Fox came to visit again last night, becoming annoying though this time we may of caused some thought on El Zorro's part. Probably not; previous experience with El Zorro indicates once a taste for Pollo Natural is acquired, El Zorro shows little restraint. We will revisit the plan of letting the hens roost on the top of their pen panel.

May also revisit the usability of Dad's Venerable '91 Winchester .22 pump action. I've not put munitions through that rifle, though my brother did and told me still quite functional. Sitting on the Front Porch all night may be in the future as well, though I'd prefer if El Zorro takes the suggestion that We Are Not Amused.

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Tags: life the universe and everything

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