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A Decade, Today

Best laid plans and all that aside, major "historical" anniversary upcoming and despite that, something's been on my mind coming up to this month. My mind being what it is, it gets displaced sufficiently that the grand plans most likely won't happen. We'll see, however, will require a bit of other work not quite ready to do. Things distract me too easily sometimes, I think. Been telling myself I need to put the time blocks on my calendar, just like the ones which tell me I'm off to Hospital.

Work. On. Photography. Related. Projects.

So. '... One day you find, ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun...'

Indeed, ten years ago Herself and I prepared to depart on a major journey. It involved a bi-annual perioperative nursing conference which is no longer held, staged travel through several points, preparations for the Ranch to be covered for a month, film, photography, and so much more. The Web of course existed (there are college students now, this year, for whom the Web always existed) and rather a good bit of the arrangements took place using that tool. More of it involved me getting ready to check and send e-mail while being a stranger in a strange land.


I revisit my journals periodically, because that's one of the purposes of a journal. Both a storehouse for ideas we've had, experiences we've lived through to provide a foundation for more. Art. And I'd created a plan, potentially a Grand Plan, and... some of it will happen. Other parts won't, because I get side tracked and need to put down on my calendar 'Studio Time'. Sometimes Studio Time is to create new. Some times, it is to consolidate existing.

Curiously enough, I didn't make a journal entry for this date, a decade ago. Two days before, and the day after (tomorrow) yes. Not today. So what, exactly, happened on this date less ten years is... subject to confused memory. However, with judicious editing I will begin, tomorrow, the Grand Project I planned to start, as it is.

A Decade Ago, Today.

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Aug. 29th, 2011 12:05 am (UTC)
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