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One Decade Ago, Today

Wed, August 29, 2001 09:05:19
First Big Day Is Here
We’ve got farm work to do; rounding up bucks for sale. Then we’ve got errands into two towns, Bronson and Gainesville. Bags are (mostly) packed; I’ve got to pack the computer when I’m done. I’m about to try setting up the AT&T Business Account so that I may connect to the Internet while in New Zealand.

Wed, August 29, 2001 17:00:07
Chores, Details, Hmm
Well, most of the chores are done, all that remain are detail chores. Like, emptying out my Mickey Mouse pouch, and then putting the zoom lense for Herself’s camera into it. That way, it’s packed, I’ve got it if I want it, it isn’t taking up space.

I’m about to test the AT&T Business account with Eudora checking the AT&T Worldnet post office.

Wed, August 29, 2001 17:55:07
Well, I’m not impressed yet. I can connect, but indeed, Eudora doesn’t find the Worldnet when I do. I wonder why?

Don't think I'll put all the retrospective quoted pieces into italics; it works for this one as it's short and helps me set the stage. Work on the Ranch as always is present; we needed to wrap some things up so the Ranch-sitter we hired to stay for the month only needed to feed. At the time, web mail wasn't quite as prevalent as now though available. I mostly used dial-up, and those speeds were slow enough to make web mail checks less than attractive. The primary address host I used at the time was AT&T Worldnet. They didn't offer international access, they offered the Globalnet for that. So I'd registered there fairly soon before leaving, and processed through making the connections work just before leaving.

The first goal of the trip: attending the World Conference for the Care of the Patient in Surgery. An international perioperative nurses meeting hosted biannually by AORN and always in a different part of the world. Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease or CJD was one of the really hot topics under discussion.

The destination: New Zealand. Down Under. The first week of the trip would be spent at conference in Christchurch on South Island. Then, whether by coach or rental car we'd tour more of New Zealand, see different sites, meet people, make photographs.

Departure date: 29 August, from Ranch to Deltona and overnight with Herself's parents before heading to the airport on 30 August, from Orlando, to Atlanta, to Los Angeles, to Auckland, to Chch.

The bags, as noted were mostly packed, with only toiletries and a few sundries to be stowed. We wondered about one notice we'd received, that Air New Zealand only allowed one carry-on bag per passenger. Various US airlines allowed one carry-on and one personal bag. Between us we had 120 rolls of film in 120mm and 35mm, and felt we that would be plenty. I'd stowed it inside soft-side lunch bags inside my carry-on luggage, so it could be easily removed and a hand-inspection requested at US airports, rather than running it through the x-ray machines in pre-boarding, along with my twin-lens Mamiya and Herself's Canon AE-1 SLR. Herself's carry-on had our change of clothing and toiletries. Plus our personal bags, mine with laptop computer, hers with some crafts to keep busy on long flights.

It was nearly time to go.

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