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One Decade Ago, Today: a Retrospective

Wed, September 5, 2001 06:46:02

Some Catchup

Not to be confused with the condiment, either. Yesterday was the first day of exhibits, or the trade as I heard my Australian colleagues calling it. The show is in the manner of Congress, but not on the order of Congress. I’ve walked through the whole hall, though I only stopped to talk to about five places.

Three of those were recruiters, and they say they’d love to have American nurses come to work for them. Evidence that the nursing shortage is worldwide. I am tempted, though I think the timing of this venture may be measured in years to start, as well as a year or two in process.

We were late to the first session; Herself accused me of making her crazy in the morning. I will try not to do so today, but I am an earlier riser than she is. This morning she commented she doesn’t know why she sets the alarm clock.

Nothing yet about International Fellowship Night; a great party. Nearly everyone I’ve heard comment on it says the same, have heard one American say she thought the party in Helsinki was better.

Dinner last night, with a group of nurses from Conference, at a place called Dux de Lux. Excellent food, truly excellent beer what with it being a combination restaurant & brewery. They do put out a tip jar, unusual here in NZ. The sign on it says if one feels they've received truly extraordinary service, please do tip. I asked the cashier/proprietor what they do with the tips, and she responded twice a year or so they close the place and throw a big party for the crew.

We left a tip.

I'm still a much earlier riser than Herself. The Trade Show lasted two days, in between sessions much like most other conferences I've attended over time. I've still got the card from one of the recruiters, and I still think, every now and again, about becoming a Traveler, an RN who travels to where there is an acute need and specifically to NZ. There are a few things that cause me to shelve the plan, though, and one of them is at my feet right now. Assignments for international travel would be six months or so at least, possibly longer. I'd need to leave Houdini at home, and I'm loath to do that.

Doing this retrospective, reviewing my notes & where we were, then checking on places and things currently I'm reminded again and again how severe the February '11 earthquake in Chch truly was, and how much it affected the places we were. Dux de Lux is (or was) housed in an old building entered in the New Zealand Register of Historic Buildings, and yet it is still closed, and probably slated for demolition... as are a lot of other buildings in that part of Chch.

No photos with today's post. During conference, while we did make some photos, they mostly were at conference and of the other attendees. I don't have permissions to post those, per se, so no photos.

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