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Curiouser and Curiouser...

said Alice.

Well, Three of Four bolted into the house when I opened the door to go feed the ranch critters. He looked rather... disheveled. Quite unusual for our Three, the Beau Brummel of felinedom. He's the only feline I've met who knew exactly what a mirror was the very first time he saw one. In fact, he strutted back and forth singing "I'm too sexy for my tail..." that whole time.

Today, though, quite unusually discheveled and initially not terribly eager to go back outside later, though he did venture forth with Mama Munch. But I get a bit ahead of myself.

Those tracks I mentioned? All over under the oak at the side door and throughout the chicken condo yard. And, there's a hen missing... And, those same tracks are by not one but both water troughs in the goat paddock and the cow paddock. Houdini spent rather a long time sniffing, and marking, around the water trough in the goat paddock.

Something Is Definitely Up.

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