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Organisation and Tags and Stuff

Do you use tags? Both of the blog sites I use, as well as at least one of the photography hosting sites, allow 'tags' as a means to help organise the entries. Want to read about my meanderings through the world of photography? Should be a tag on the entry which is a link, click on it and read the photography meanderings.


I think I've far too many tags, either place where I'm doing much writing. Not going to look to the photography sites just yet. One Dreamwidth there are 189 or so listed, and on Live Journal nearly 600, and both places the majority are single use tags. One time only, and how often is someone going to track a single use item? Except...

Maybe they will become multiple use items, as time goes by. Still, I've sorted through on both places a bit recently to cut things down to the numbers mentioned. Things like would a plural noun serve as well as a singular one (portrait, portraits), or even more plainly are there typographical errors, mispellings in the tags? If so... combine and eliminate. Helped. Now I'm down to deciding if (hundreds) of single-time use tags are worth keeping or not.

Do you use tags?

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