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One Decade Ago, Today: a Retrospective

Sun, September 9, 2001 13:17:28
I Seem To Be Perpetually Behind

Closing session Friday; two more excellent general education sessions, with the first having some topics I need to follow up on my sisters behalf, Cultural Safety. Then, some photos in the lobby; many came out well, some blurred. Herself went to a one-hour photo place on Victoria Square I’d noticed. Turns out the proprietor is a photographer also (no surprises), and he complimented us on our photos. He’d been developing conference photos all week, and ours were by far and away the best he’d seen, if only because we’d sense enough to use 800 speed film.

Tour of Chch Hospital Operating Theatre in the late morning/early afternoon. Possibly after Closing Session, this paragraph being entered from memory not during journal entry.

Friday evening we all of us had supper at Croydon House, S cooking, excellent repast. Must make more notes about that, we’ll see how good my memory is later. (Later: much later i.e. Wed, September 26, 2001 21:35:18, and all I remember is good soup, salmon with supper, and an interesting desert which tasted wonderful even if it didn’t come out as planned.)

Saturday morning, breakfast, then tramping through Hagley Park, specifically to the Botanic Gardens, where we made many photographs, and met a local photographer using medium format. A fun meeting that, with the two of us exchanging comments about the relative values of our two cameras. He is a gardener, and writer/photographer professionally, so he does a great deal of close-up work. The parallax problems of a twin-lens reflex would be a bit of a bother to him. It can be to me, except that I don’t do that much close up (or not currently), and will mark a tripod for the proper difference when I do. Well, and the camera’s have the parallax indicator as well.

Ferns, Hagley Park Botanical Garden

Hagley Park Sign

Cathedral Square, Worcester Boulevard

Dinner with L and M yesterday evening, we brought a bottle of wine and a flower setting as guest gifts (since we are rather long-distance guests). Met two friends of theirs, B and J. I shall have to e-mail D with the news. M and I share some peculiarities.

Retrospective Meditations

I shake my head at myself periodically as I read through this retrospective, about the things and people I may not of mentioned yet remember doing or seeing. I want to say that Thursday evening Herself and I ate dinner with two of my friends with AORN and their partners, on the Chch Tram Railway Restaurant. One of the old tram railway cars, a dining car, and after all the passengers for the evening boarded (reservations required) would stop in front of one of the restaurants on the route, where the dinner would be loaded and then served while we rode around the loop.

The tour of the Surgical Theatre itself, usually one of the features of the World Conference, and I said so little in my journal. That may be because I've a photo notebook with photographs from the tour. Didn't scan those, ever, because again there are identifiable photographs there and permissions not acquired from the individuals in question. Not simply the fellow attendees of conference and tour, employees of the Hospital Surgical Services in a number of roles.

Herself and I walked back to our B&B separate from other members of the tour; late afternoon to early evening. For convenience we'd brought only Herself's camera, the Canon AE-1, and most of those photos were made by me using that camera. Those are on Flickr, so if you follow any of the photos above as links to Flickr you'll see the Bridge of Remembrance memorial to Kiwi soldiers from both the Great War and WW2.

Reviewing via both web searches and groups on Flickr, I've learned the Bridge of Remembrance still stands, though is currently closed following the February earthquake. The Hospital, however, apparently is closed and slated for demolition.

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