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One Decade Ago, Today: a Retrospective

Mon, September 10, 2001 10:35:11
Excerpt From E-mail

Herself convinced me I should be alright driving. Pity the Kiwi's. I'm sort of giving up on checking Worldnet address; this one is the new one (probably but not necessarily temporary, I'll let you know), and I know it can find Eudora which helps.

Heading south to Dunedin today, with some stops along the way. Will keep you posted. J & K, happy sailing.

During the week of conference, the travel agency contracted by AORN kept a table at the Town Hall for people to make arrangements for their holiday following Closing Session. This is how we provided our reservations for subsequent travel and stays at B&B's. In a few instances, while the arrangements provided for breakfast as well as lodging, the facility proved more a hotel than B&B exactly. The rental car agency brought the car to Croydon House early in the morning. We received a booklet with coupons, essentially, which verified we'd paid for the stay at the various places.

And some when between the time noted for the e-mail, and the time I'm making this post, we did indeed set off down the road, to the south of South Island, driving on the left side of the road. We'd chant a short mantra at the start of the trip when we made turns: left is near, right is far. Yet oddly enough, the item which threw me off the most with the steering on the opposite side wasn't the turns (exactly), nor the pedals (accelerator on right and brake on left in the same relative position). It was the turn signal indicator switch and the windshield wiper switch. Those flipped sides, though again 'relatively'. Turn signal switch toward the door, that is, so just as it is in autos with the steering wheel on the left.

My hind-brain, though, touched the switch on the left of the steering wheel, the wiper controls. This worked fine for left hand turns (switch down) and we'd merrily wave our wipers at other drivers to signal our left turn. Didn't work for right turns, though, as the wiper switch didn't go up.

By the time we arrived in Dunedin I'd reprogrammed myself for the most part. I did mention to Herself to watch, the first time I signaled a turn when we returned to the States I'd probably wave the windshield wiper blades at the other drivers.

Oh, and that new e-mail address? Long since gone. Actually, I've even relegated the 'worldnet' address to nursing related listserves and a few other professional uses, otherwise it too is nearly defunct.

The happy sailing wishes went out to my brother and his wife, who the day before cast off from Nyack, New York in their 45 foot ketch, the North Star setting out down the Hudson River on their cruising life. On the same day (10 September) they were anchored just off the Statue of Liberty waiting for the tides to change and their departure from New York, New York.

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