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Hippie Birdbaths

No, I'm not wishing myself one; just recounting the day.

Fed the Horses, Goats, Herself fed the Hogs. Then into Herself's garden again, as yesterday, making movie quotes out of context as I applied my black thumb in preparation to re-plant for the fall crop. Things like... Dog fennel, you must meet your destiny. No one expects the power of this fully operational Death Star Rancher! And others. The bit about destiny led to 'Destiny, destiny, there's no escaping destiny.' And at the end: I love the smell of napalm pulled weeds in the morning. It smells like victory!

Then to the House for brunch (leftovers). Sent a Hobbit Birthday Pressie to a friend who is currently deployed. OK, so most of that is pretty much a usual day around here.

Afternoon off to town with Herself, shopping. Picked up a folding table for Studio 318 booth pavilion when setting up at weekend shows. A strap and rigid blade brush trimmer for the weed wacker. Three inch PVC tube, which will become molds for Herself's cheeses. New shorts and shirts for myself. So a bit more in line with the sort of day it purports to be.

Tonight, shredded beef. And beer. Definitely beer. Already, beer.

Now, because (ahem) I know you're waiting for it, on to working on today's Decade Ago retrospective.

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