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A Decade, Today - Retrospective

Sun, September 16, 2001 08:07:13
Slow Waking Up

I’ve been awake for a while, and even tried going back to sleep. However, my usual routine seems to be still going strong. Herself is sleeping next to me as I write this, and sunlight is pouring in through the “picture-frame” window. She’ll be waking soon, it’s about to shine right on her. I’m off to the shower to freshen up.

The "picture-frame" window mentioned above I dubbed because it looked like one, set too high on the wall to look out directly. There's a lot more on Queenstown, just not in today's posting. And we run into the odd bits on how and what I've scanned of the photographs. There are several in my memory from the day which I rather liked when I made them. Now, I've not looked at them in a decade. Will memory hold up?

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Tags: art, life the universe and everything, new zealand, photography, travel

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