madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Sunday Evening

We are temporarily without power due to storm. Goats are cleaning off a tree carcass which toppled inside their paddock. This will facilitate cutting it back in size later. Biggest thing we are both missing (we've got bottled water so that is good) might be entertainment. Since I worked graveyard shift at Hospital last night I am mildly brain dysf(x)al at the moment. Reading a book is ... Odd.

Houdini refuses to allow me further than 1 Houdini Lenght away from him post storm. Tho he did cope well when I went outside without him to feed Squrrl & Sandy Sandpit Dawg. Sandy, for those following the story, deigned to accept petting on his head this evening. Likely tomorrow will bring different responses.

However, tonight he did.

Scrolling through selection boxes on SmartPhone (current means of posting what with no power & all) rapicky sounds like a Geiger counter near a hot source. Just sayin'.

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Tags: life the universe and everything

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