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A Decade, Today - Retrospective

First portion also a 'day late' as I didn't go on line after getting home yesterday. Heavy weather driving home, drove out of it. The rain skirted Teh Ranch so not a lot there, however the thunder set Mr. Houdini to needing to be very close to his human.

Wed, September 26, 2001 21:46:42
First Night Back, First Day Back

After we unloaded, or more properly while we were unloading, we were greeted by S; Herself got a hug, we both were invited in for dinner that evening. N cooked a shepherds pie, and S was going to get some beer. We settled some of our stuff, then headed out to start the Getting Ready To Go Home chores.

First on the agenda, get some estimates on film processing. We went to two places, Victoria Square Photo (previously mentioned, the place we took early film for processing), and Ken’s Photos (strongly recommended by S). We received a much better price for the color processing from Ken’s, and about equal on the B&W. So the B&W goes to Victoria and Frank, and the color goes to Ken. Then we did a little shopping, not a lot because the banks were closed already. Mostly we wanted cream and a bottle of wine to bring in with us to dinner.

Dinner was marvelous, a great visit, and the girls E and P so full of energy the house shook. They weren’t particularly interested in eating, so they didn’t We enjoyed N’s pie. A (the friend of S & N's that S took us to visit after conference and before driving tour) stopped by to drop off some very fresh lamb for S, and also shared the pie. They’ve done very well in their lambing, and have sold quite a number for good prices.

N went out to swim after supper, and to help the girls go to bed, Herself brought in the Story of Paua, and I read it to them. Then I adjourned (following Herself), and retired for the night. After, of course, completing the travel journal and preparing the outgoing e-mail.

Up by six, I went to check the e-mail and send the journal. Got dressed after that and went to breakfast; Herself joined us late.

We checked mail again after that, primarily so that we could also check available balances for finances. I can afford to get the film processed. So off it went to the respective labs. We did a little shopping after that, then home for a lunch of cheese, pate and crackers. After lunch over to the Botanic Garden again, where I shot most of two rolls of film; there’s two frames left, which I will shoot tomorrow morning in the garden. Then the camera can be put away for the duration.

Red Sultan

We did a little more shopping after that, did get a few things. Tomorrow we want to go through Cathedral Square to see the artisan venders; finish up our souvenir shopping then. We will probably also be getting a shipping box, to send some things home by post. There simply isn’t enough space in the bags we have to bring every thing home with us; not without paying an excess luggage penalty.

So, off to bed now.

Thu, September 27, 2001 21:00:02
Our Last Full Day

I got up much earlier than Herself, though she made it to breakfast by at least 08:15. S and N’s daughter E had a problem with breathing, so they were up late, especially S. So N cooked breakfasts.

We walked over to Victoria Square Photos to see if it would be possible to get the two rolls of Provia I shot in the last day processed. This is not the case, so I’ll be bringing two exposed rolls of 120 mm and at least two exposed rolls of 135 mm home with us. All the rest are raw film, and none of it wants to be x-rayed, most specially the infrared film.

However, most of the color is done. Probably all of it was done, and we could have picked it up, I don’t know. I did walk over to Ken’s about 17:40 to pick that film up. The folks there were quite concerned about two things. One is major; Herself’s camera developed a light leak somewhere, and it appears to be related to shutter speed (according to Herself). Second; the young lady remarked that the Mamiya is advancing film irregularly. I replied he’s been doing that his entire life. Both of my Mamiya camera bodies exhibit that characteristic.

Tomorrow morning I need to pick up the B&W from Victoria Square, and finish cramming things into the suitcases. We are most probably at least 95% packed, possibly better. I’ve some debate about sending and receiving e-mail tomorrow. Right now the battery is 100% charged, which gives me good juice at the start of the trip. I probably won’t turn the computer on until we’re somewhere in the air, anyway. I don’t know about the second battery, so it might be a good idea to check it tonight.

We went to eat at Dux de Lux tonight; I was hoping to meet S, the manager who was so helpful earlier this month. The food, the beer, her attitude and (Herself agrees) her body are all factors in this decision. It would have been quite a long shot, but I’d have been willing to try lining up a photo shoot if we'd more time, or a couple of years hence.

N turned over most of her garden today; S took the girls up to their block of land. He’d invited us along, but we really needed to get things done in town. We’d not be happy travelers if we’d gone. Then, evening coming on, N invited us out to the garden for some wine and chips. She says they do this every summer, and if so it’s a marvelous thing.

Well, I guess I’ll shut down, and change batteries. I can make notes about other things after that.

Most of the shopping we did on this day and the next was for souvenirs. Being honest, some of those souvenirs are ours. I picked up a duster style raincoat, manufacturer Dryzabone in Aus, for an almost ridiculous price. We also picked up some polar-tech fleece vests similar to two Herself got us at the start of the trip. Those first two a local group of the New Zealand Theatre Nurses Association sold as a fund-raiser, along with matching ball-caps. Herself bought herself a cap as well as the vests for both of us. They are warm vests, too, and my brother previously commented about liking polar-tech fleece garments so we got him and K some.

Oh, on International Fellowship Night, rather than buying one of those caps I managed a trade for the 'international' souvenirs we swapped around that evening. One of two Kiwi RN's wanted to swap her cap for my stockman's hat, really quite an unequal trade. Her mate, when the first refused my offer of the Florida Council periOperative Registered Nurses pin as the alternative to my hat immediately took off her New Zealand cap and held it out saying she'd trade.

We also did that walk through Hagley Park Botanical Gardens, and felt amazed at the progress of things. September is the end of Winter, beginning of Spring in New Zealand. We'd celebrated the Equinox near onto the time we crossed the north end of South Island. Daffodils bloomed at the start of our tour, and tulips (as seen) bloomed when we returned to Chch.

Didn't mention above the reason we decided to get our film, as much as possible of it, processed before leaving. We'd been reading newspapers, and I'd mentioned to Herself shortly after 9/11 that security, once flights resumed in the States, would be a lot stricter than when we flew out. I've mentioned somewhere that between the two of us we'd shot nearly 125 rolls of film. Film, once exposed to light, changes in sensitivity to radiation becoming more sensitive to being fogged. I did not want to ask security people to hand-inspect nearly 130-150 rolls of film. Developed film, on the other hand, is no longer sensitive to radiation fogging. It could be put into one of our carry-on bags and go through any x-ray equipment deemed necessary.

I continued travelling by air with film up to 2005 when I acquired the D70s. Every time I insisted on film being hand inspected, even when inspectors would tell me that slow speed film was unharmed by the radiation in their machines. I calmly and carefully educated them that film changes sensitivity the first time they mentioned this. Thereafter I simplified the process and told them all my film was ISO 800 or higher.

On the first Royal Caribbean cruise we took, in October 2002 the cruise line security refused to hand-inspect film, which bothered me a bit. On the other hand, unlike airlines cruise ships (then) sold film on-board. So theoretically I could replace my film. Prices for film aboard ship, though, matched the prices for alcohol. I won't say this didn't play a part in my decision to go digital. It may not of been primary, it did contribute.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that by looking on Google Maps and Streetview, I'd determined a couple years ago that Victoria Square Photos (on Colombo Street) already either moved elsewhere or simply went out of business. Ken's on the other hand, I could access their web site up until April this year. Ken's is (was, I hope not exactly) located on Armagh Street just a bit east of Colombo Street, and therefor in the Red Zone effected by the February earthquake.


I need to upload a bit more photos from that trip, for another reason.

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