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A Decade, Today - Retrospective

Sun, September 30, 2001 19:44:47
Unloaded, Unsettled

We’ve unloaded the luggage from the car, and Herself has done some unpacking. I’ve done some too. We are not settled in yet. So it goes. Tomorrow will be worse, since I must go to work.

Went to bed this morning at about 01:30 after arriving home about 21:15 or so. PW is here, on vacation between jobs, and came over to visit. We talked a long time. J and T came by as well; they did not stay the night. J told Herself she felt we would want to be alone on our first night back.

She found a job, she will be working for either a lingerie showing company or a dance company that hires out for private parties. She was quite excited about it; amongst other things there will be a photo shoot for a work portfolio. Herself then told her that if she doesn’t like the photographs done by the company hired photographer to talk to me. We’ll see what comes of this, but she did sound interested.

We’ve lost some animals. Verse the Goat is missing, presumed dead. Chapter is doing well. One young doe is also dead, and so are two, three, or possibly four pigs. Dogs are the suspect, and dogs from the neighbor’s across the road are the highest suspects.

Harrison is running, thanks to S and B. Before doing any work, he needs an oil change, including in the air filter, more gasoline, and air in the rear tires. Otherwise, he’s getting there and will soon be good as gold.

I’ve sorted through the mail. There’s a lot of it. I’ve opened some. There’s still a lot more.
We’ve looked through about half of my transparency film, and all of the black and white. All of the latter came out well. Most of the former came out at least well exposed, some is slightly over exposed. None of this is referring to notes, so I’ve still got a lot of work ahead of me.

Welcome back.

It didn't take long for the slings and arrows of everyday life to wear away that magical feeling from the trip.

The J mentioned above we'd hired as our house-sitter, a bit more involved with the Ranch because that required not only staying to the House and feeding cats and dogs, also feeding the Birds and Goats and Hogs and Cows (didn't have Horses yet). We never did do the photography sessions together. Worked as a dancer for a while, then did some other work, and recently (within the past few years) completed Nursing and received her Registered Nurse license. Works at Hospital as well.

Harrison ran well until the year I didn't run him and now he's still in the midst of another refurbishment. There is still a lot of mail, surprisingly since the USPS claims to be nearly insolvent and needs to trim actual post office stations. We still receive rather a few of our bills via paper billing, despite many business' wanting to start us on electronic billing. Most of them also want that electronic billing to be an automatic payment. I've done that; and stopped it.

And as I've said, there is still a significant portion of the film shot which needs to be scanned.

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