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What I've Been Doing

Been feeling like I've not done much photograpic related blogging lately, so I paused to think.

The entire September posting of the Decade Retrospective may count as photographic work, since many of the posts included photographs. Those that didn't often discussed something photographic. What I didn't discuss much involved the pieces I worked on getting ready for the Necronomicon Art Show, coming up in a couple weeks.

That work involved some post-production and finishing touches, plus prepping the files to provide for up to three sizes of prints: 5x7(ish), 8x10 or x12(ish), and Really Big. Really Big means the print is at least 20 x 18 inches or so, not the final display only the print. Mind you, this year I'm only planning on two Really Big prints displayed, everything else will still be in the 8x10 - 12(ish) size, framed up to 11x14 or so.

Getting the prints made is only the start. This is the 'slogging' part of making art, getting prints made (which can be fun), then mounted, matted, framed. Slogging. Sometimes I hire out the slogging, like for the Really Big prints. Hiring out is expensive, though, and there is other (slogging) work going on, albeit slowly, in the background preparing for cutting costs there.

Even using standard sized, commercially available frames, though, may be relatively inexpensive. Shop for sales! Look for sales! Look for old frames at yard sales, doesn't matter if there is artwork in them or not. Not, in fact, is better to some extent. Still, all that provides is material.

Same thing is true using standard size pre-cut mats.

Still, slogging gets results, and once the results are in at least those who get to see the physical product (as opposed to on-line copies of the same images) might appreciate it. Viewing images on-line is very different from seeing the same piece matted and framed.

Getting ready for the show reminds me of how much I enjoy making a physical representation of a piece.

Going to try something a bit different today; going to post a link to a Set on Flickr, rather than a single image. Before you follow the link, be aware that some, not all but some of the images will be classified Not Safe For Work. The name of the Set is Necro 2011, it opens in a new tab or window, and includes all of the images I'm taking though as I said, not all will be displayed. The others will be available for sale through Necro's Print Shop.

The display will include 'Four Seasons In One Fae', 'Dryad in the Forest of Good and Evil', and 'Naiad'.

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