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Progress Is Our Most Important Problem

Slow and steady may be what helped the Tortoise win the race against the Hare, however, I'm feeling a bit antsy about it. The self-imposed deadline in effect is October 16. That's the deadline because I work at Hospital the three days after that, and then depart the Ranch for St. Pete on Thursday for Necronomicon, there to put my work into the Art Show and the Print Shop. While I like working the 10 hour shifts to get the extra day off during the week, I do find that what chores I do getting home after Hospital consist of the Necessary Daily Ranch Rounds.

So, all preparations for the Art Show must be done (other, perhaps, than packing) by October 16.

The good news is Progress Made:
- Four Seasons in on Fae matted and framed for display.
- Naiad and Dryad in the Forest of Good and Evil are matted and signed; still at the framers.
- All but two of the 8x12 or 8x10 prints are matted, if not also signed and backed, and bagged.

Progress Needed:
- Must pick up two Really Big Prints framed, and a handful of smaller prints custom matted (due to size).
- Must see if I can find 5x8 opening pre-cut mats.
- If so, purchase and mat the 5x8 prints.
- If no, decision time.

Some of the 5x8 prints will work 'cropped' to a 5x7 by the mat. There are three which will not, and one of those is mentioned above as needing two more 8x12 mats. This is because the aspect ratio on the DSLR is such, and my tendency to compose to the full frame available is such, that those photographs needing specific size mats are full-frame composition.

I'm quite sure that at least six photographs will be in the Art Show. Possibly two more could be, for a total of eight framed pieces. Some of the difference between Art Show and Print Shop is the Art Show pieces are hung on display panels and are sold by auction. Print Shop pieces are bagged and tagged, and sell for s specified price. I suppose I could put framed pieces into the Print Shop. However, seems to me that with framed pieces being more expensive anyway, those go to the Show and matted work only to the Shop.

Tonight is a work shift at Hospital, so I'm about to head off for a nap. Thus, I'm done with such work for the day. Tomorrow is a day off of Hospital, but the morning at least is eaten by a doctor's appointment. This is not horrible, as the appointment is necessary and the trip into town means on the way home I stop by the one shop I know may carry 5x8 opening pre-cut mats as well as the two 8x12 opening mats I need to pick up.

And that is what is occupying my time for the most part the past couple weeks. In between the other things, like getting tyres on the yard tractor repaired and remounted, picking up feed for the Ranch Critters, laundry, grocery shopping, and oh, you know, all those minor Activities of Daily Living.

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