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Post Graveyard

It is a post-Graveyard Shift day here on the Ranch. Like most of them, I'm muddling through with a degree of brain-numb. Today this is abetted by the weather, a grey, overcast, drippy day. Driving home no actually driving in to work last night I knew it would be. Made the morning nap fairly nice. Keeping me indoors as well.

Despite this, managed to get one more load of laundry done today. The towels. This is remarkable because our laundry 'room' is located on the back porch of Studio 318. Studio 318 formerly served as our home, when we first moved out here onto the Ranch, hence why the laundry room is there and not in Big House. It is remarkable because the towels got done and transported back to the Big House between drippiness. Nice when that happens.

Our towels are showing signs of their age, fraying either at the end seams or in some cases along the selvedge edges which is OK, they still work fine absorbing water when we get out of the bath. No holes. Just frayed edges, which get tangled in the dryer. Towel tangles.

Looking up comic book preservation on the 'net just now. Cleaning out the Office Closet and found a set from quite some time back, which started off as gifts from an acquaintance who worked in a store at the time. Two of the six are looking a tad... mildewed? Anyway, need cleaning, and then into baggies. I mean, may not be worth much but still I'd like to preserve them as best as possible.

May be a bit before I hit the 'post' button. Intermittent signal to the Sky Interwebs just now. Wet and drippy, remember?

OK. Signal back. Post out.

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Oct. 9th, 2011 11:11 pm (UTC)
If you have a serger, running the edges of your fraying towels will put a stop to that. If you don't have one already, it's certainly not worth buying one just for the purpose -- they're not cheap.
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