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Affairs of State

Not to be confused with State of Affairs which is truly a whole different topic and I'm not sure I'm awake yet. Which is, also, a whole different topic. I've been up for around two hours. Today is going to be a busy day, simply not a busy day at Hospital. Houdini is quite glad that it is a 'BossStaysHomeDay' [(R) Houdini, at least according to some of the folk who read here and there]. He let me sleep that hour and a bit longer than usual for a weekday. Then he woke me up.

To his credit, Houdini is a lot more tolerable an alarm clock than the electric one.

He woke me because he needed to deal with Intracystic Hydrostatic Pressure, and if you don't know what that is that's what dictionaries are for. Well, maybe not since the descriptive term is one I assembled so it may not be in a dictionary per se. Intracystic will be, as will hydrostatic and pressure. Suffice it to say we did a short walkabout after getting coffee started and that's what he needed.

So did I, to bring more coffee creamer in from the extra fridge.

Coffee, on the other hand, wasn't ready when we got back in. My brother once expostulated on his Principles of Coffee at a family gathering. I don't remember most of them, I do remember 'Never buy a Mr. Coffee.' I don't remember why he said never buy one though. I know why I'm thinking I might convert to this principle. We've owned three now, more or less in a row, and they always seem to slow down rather quickly. To be fair, that may be the well water; living on a Karst Formation means our water is fairly high in liquid limestone content. To also be fair, one reason we stayed with the Mr. Coffee is because when they got too nonfunctional (whatever reason) we kept the carafes since with earlier coffee makers one reason we switched off involved broken carafes which proved to be non-replaceable.

Bugger the Expendible Society.

At any rate, it's probably time to flush the coffee maker with vinegar. That often helps with the lime buildup.

New experiences for me over on Flickr and on Deviant Art. Pieces are being invited to be added to groups. Groups I am unfamiliar with, so I do go look first. Still, it is interesting and I suppose one measure of progress in a form of self-promotion. I'd call self-promotion one of the areas in marketing in which I need a good deal of practice.

With that thought in mind, another something; after three years checking the box on the Necronomicon Art Show forms that I'm interested and available to take part in subject-related programming, I've been asked to do just that. I'll be one of a group of people discussing 'Training to be a Professional Artist'. Being a late addition to the group, my name didn't make it into the program book. And, I'm going to be a Guest. I mean, I am going to be a Guest.

Did I mention, I'm going to be a Guest?

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