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Unnotable In My Absence

Looked back over the entries and um, yah, not been here saying much recently. Wonder why? Me neither. Or rather, I don't wonder because I know.

Life, the Universe, and Work
Weekend shifts, which this time around mostly constituted Graveyard Shift and that throws me off probably more than I like to admit. Work not excessively busy, in fact some days downright slow (a financial concern, as Hospital encourages one to clock out and leave when there is no work) yet somewhat mind-numbing none the less. I come home, I am tired, and lacking energy to do much more than get through the next part.

Meanwhile, Back At the Ranch
Mostly maintenance kinds of things, the constant, ongoing gotta do this on nearly a daily basis. We did experience an interesting (ahem) interlude with teh Horses, one morning after some stormy weather. This involved me finding them in our drive/private road while I left for Hospital. They are not supposed to be in the private road, generally, and most definitely not with the gate open. Since the spot where the fence was down allowing their egress stood outside the gate, a good thing the gate stood open.

Stormy the Klutz gave herself some soft-tissue injuries getting out, probably because she was the one leaning against the fence when it went over. We've kept up with that, cleaning and dressing, and she's looking OK. As of today.

Fence repaired.

One new calf, mildly not expected. Heifer doing well.

Con and Art Show
Now this is what's been eating such spare time as I've made out of keeping up with the above. For the past three years I've resumed attending Necronomicon in the Tampa Bay area, and the past two put artwork into the Con Art Show. Each year we've seen an escalation in involvement: first reconnaissance, then reconnaissance in force (as it were) with matted pieces in the show, then invasion with framed pieces in the show and matted work (from the previous year) in the Print Shop.

This year I will hang seven framed pieces. However, I am not bringing 'leftovers' (as it were) for the Print Shop. I am bringing copies of the framed pieces, plus a couple other items not previously taken. In part this is because I didn't dig out my matted pieces from last year and in bigger part because I wanted to do it this way. Finished up with the bagging and tagging and now finalising the paperwork to go with me. Paperwork includes photocopies of all contract/consents from all models who participated in creating the works, plus the Art Show Control list with Bid Cards, and the Print Shop Control list.

Next year I may well bring those 'older' pieces for the Print Shop again; post Con work will involve getting more organised for next year's goal of doing three live shows (minimum).

So I've not hit the road yet for Points South, because I'm still 'packing' in one sense. I think I'll be able to leave, if I choose, early eavening today. Otherwise I'll be up Very Early tomorrow and departing then. In either choice, I need to be to the Con hotel (St. Petersburg Hilton) for Show setup before the Con opens, which is noon on Friday.

Along with the packing are two items that are coming along for delivery and not the Show or Shop.

Now, isn't this supposed to be a restful thing?

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