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Things to Do, Things Done

I may not of done exactly what was on the To Do list today when I went to bed yesterday. I'd thought to do a recycle run, hauling our plastic recycling to the drop-off. I also had Studio Time on the list for today. The latter I put off to tomorrow. The former didn't happen.

Morning rounds got done, no worries, and then the Bros enjoyed some water sports after feeding everyone. Touch up on some laundry, lunch, then out to the work shed. Built it about 12 years ago to be my workshop, it turned into a storage shed some time after that. Now I'm hauling storage out and cleaning up. Getting the place ready to once again be a work shop. Rather a bit of work to get there in one sense. I never did bring power to the place earlier. This is fine. I've different plans for that now.

And even clearing the bit of space I've done meant space to work on one tool. We purchased a new weed trimmer, a 'weed wacker' a couple months back to replace old dead one. Old dead one is a cheap and 2-cycle engine model. New one is a 4-cycle engine, a bit quieter, and with exchangeable work heads. Came with the string attachment for weeds and edging. Purchased a brush cutter blade as well in the past couple weeks, mounted that today to clear the last stretches of Herself's garden needing clearing from the summer overgrowth.

Now she can run the mower on the yard tractor through the same zones, and then we can fire up the tiller. Winter Garden time, eh.

Another reason for getting the work shop up and running again is related to the art. Custom framing is bloody expensive. Looks good, and bloody expensive. It is possible to shop around, both in retail and at yard sales or flea markets, for frames to handle pieces with mat sizes up to 16x20 inches / 40.5x51 cm, and for those frames to look good. Or at lest, not horrible. However, working with prints that start at that 40x50 cm size and the matting around them is that much bigger, and the frames start looking... not so great. Except, of course, for custom frames. Which are bloody expensive. In case you didn't hear me the first time.

In my tool collection there are a number of right-angle clamp sets, including three specifically for making frames. Herself's Mother Mary gave me a radial arm saw about six months before her death; she knew she wouldn't be using it and knew I could. Also in the inventory is an item called a ShopSmith; it's a multi-purpose power tool which I inherited from my father. So, table saw, disk sander, lathe, drill press. Perhaps none of them as potent as a design-dedicated tool, yet the one tool brings all four to my space limited shop. Two other recent acquisitions add a great deal of versatility to my inventory, a wide belt sander (floor mount) and a big compressor. Air powered tools, hooyah!

So. I've a roof and walls providing 192 square feet / 17.8 square metres. This I built with an eye to expansion in one direction for enclosure, and another direction to shelter items, even if not directly accessible from the shop. First, clear the floor, clean it up, and resume working with the hand tools. Second, lean-to roof off the south side, shelter for equipment. There I will build a 'closet' for the compressor, outside the shop proper for sound control. There also, I shall put one of our portable generators and provide power, initially, from this. First item to be wired is, of course, that air compressor. That facilitates the rest of the construction/additions.

Today may not of involved a recycling run. It is still an accomplished day, with trash cleared from the shop (even with more to go), and tools up and running. There's more to go - it is a never ending story. Still and all, we are also coming into the Winter months, and while Winter here in North Central Baja Jorja is no where near the experience of the Northern States or Canada it is the time I get the most accomplished outside.

So. Feel free to ask me, come April or May, if I've not mentioned it sooner, if I indeed completed the refurbishment of the workshop, and am I indeed making frames, or even, yanno, posing benches for the Studio.

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