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Considering Slow Mornings

I like slow mornings. Quite the 'hook' turn of phrase, that, teasing you into continuing to read I'm sure. This slow morning I've spent with my coffee, and Houdini, and some on-line research in an area I'm wondering why I've spent so little time, considering...

Considering I call myself a science fiction fan, what with starting to read SF - um - I don't remember what age. It is easy to tell you (nor surprising) that some of the famous big names comprised my early reading list: Andre Norton, Arthur Clarke, and of course Robert Heinlein. My oldest sister took me to see 2001: A Space Odyssey in '68. She didn't hold herself to be a big SF fan, nor probably even an SF fan at the time. I think that's when she became one, talking to me after the event.

I love telling people why I consider myself a hard-core Trek fan. Watched the debut aired episode (second in filming order) The Man Trap in the TV department at Sears because my parents insisted (as only parents can) that was the night to get me new clothes for school. With more shopping to do after the clothing purchases, I told them, promised them I'd wait Right Here... and did, managing to see most of the episode. Missed a wee bit of the beginning.

Considering this, I wonder betimes just why my Con attendance is so limited. As in, well, One. Multiple times, yes, yet only one Con.

Considering the biggest reason I started attending Necronomicon again had more to do with the Art Show and my escalating on that long-term plan for 'getting my art out there.' Sort of a different turn of events, since while I do claim to be interested in the surreal I'd not actually until a few years ago thought that could turn into Sci-Fi or Fantasy inspired artwork. Now, I can.

Considering a chat on-line with an artist friend yesterday, when she lobbied pretty hard to convince me to submit artwork to a Con in Virginia, and the hind-brain says to Myself, Myself, DUH! This is quite a venue available for Self-Promotion, eh? That being one of the things I need to learn, it's off to the means to research things, and away we go. Cons? Yup, they're out there. Means to find out when, where? Yup, out there too.

Considering the economy I'm not sure how much travel I'll be doing to attend in person, so that means learning how (not a big leap, really) to ship my artwork to where. On the other hand, depending on where, there may be some travel and personal attendance. Probably will be. Which is dependent on when and where of course. There is, for example, a con coming up in Orlando this weekend. Yah, not so much to be there.

However, two or more months in advance, and I can reasonably think about getting work to a Show. It's not like I need to spend a lot of time getting it ready, I've already made the pieces. There is a logistical decision to make, related to how I've been showing at Necro. The last couple years, I've chosen to display (show) framed finished pieces, and put the matted/mounted/sleeved work into the Print Shop. Shipping framed pieces will be Expensive, so more likely to be sending the matted pieces.

Still... Considering the cost recently researched to get into a very local here in North Central Baja Jorja weekend Arts Festival entails a $20 application fee, if accepted (rounded off) $200 booth fee. The specific price depends on whether I choose a competitive or non-competitive booth space. The application process is weighted to competitive, with three times the number of booth spaces over non-competitive. Either way, the space cost rounds off that price. Beyond cost of goods sold, something I wouldn't actually figure in since unsold pieces are available in future shows, this still means that a break-even weekend starts with bringing in $220 just for Booth fee.

Suddenly, Cons become not only something I know will be fun, will also be somewhat to a lot more cost-effective.

Meanwhile, Houdini is now nudging me to remind me research and prospects all considered, the Ranch Critters are desiring that Morning Rounds be completed.

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