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Today Is

It is a very important day here on the Ranch. Today is bordercolliebrs Whelping Day!

Happy Whelping Day, Houdini & Squrrl!

Yes, they are actually, really brothers, entering our lives on the same day via their mother, Mamma Mudge. Mudge came to us from our neighbor, Ms. P who looked to re-home her after a few (over some years) not so successful litters, with an overbite problem and loss of pups because Mudge would retreat deep under the house to whelp. First week she lived with us, though, she took off and went back to Ms. P's place; we kept bringing her back, and after a week or so it stopped. Or really, slowed down because occasionally through the rest of her life, Mudge went back to visit.

Seems there was only one Dog in Mudge's life, and that is Michael, Ms. P's dog. And sure enough, she went back to see Mike that first week because It Was Time, and Herself managed to keep Mudge indoors and provide a nice snug 'cave' in our Utility Closet on Whelping Day, and six pups came into the world four males and two females. Three found new homes between 8 - 16 weeks of age (both females and one male). One, Squrrl, was 'spoken for' however the speakee never did come claim him and we're just as happy about that. One, Houdini, was on the 'for sale' list until he both earned his name by getting out of any of the kennels we had for them, or off any line we used, AND we realised he was doing that to come find Me.

Smudge we planned on keeping. And Smudge we miss, he going off to the Great Ranch last year ...

We'll send a Happy Whelping Day message off to one of Herself's brothers family, that being where Holly (one of their sisters) lives.

Nine years, guys. Nine great years.

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