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Where Progress Is Our Most Important Problem

Ever run out of idea? I mean, I started to write this and simply stopped. What's my idea? I know there is an idea. It is about today. But, what is it? Where did it go.

So I let it go. Wandered over to the music side, ran down the list. I'm making a play-list called Light. Some crazy idea that songs about light, either in the title, or in the lyrics, might be interesting during a photo session. Haven't listened to it yet, and will before I use it in a session.

I've been feeling like I'm neglecting photography. This, mind you, following a six week stretch of getting prints made, mounted, matted, framed in some instances, and taking them off to a show. This, selling one print at show and another copy (the framed one) after show because someone asked me how did the show go. This, with researching on-line a handful of other venues to show, locally and relatively local and not so local at all. Straightening up Studio 318 after that mounting and matting to be able to set up for a project too, but I don't feel like I've done any photography.

So, obviously, there is a difference between working on things related to photography, and photography.

Then I decided to log into an old e-mail account, one which once worked hot and heavy while I participated in AORN. Except, well, the provider changed up their process of providing the web e-mail service. They now offer it 'via Yahoo'. I used to use Yahoo a lot. Still do, when one considers Flickr is a service of Yahoo. On the other hand, I don't use it much any more other than for Flickr. And that is a completely different login ID and password from the e-mail account, that being from that different provider.

And I don't, apparently, know the correct answers to the security questions. Might be a dead account now, Jim.

Ran a bunch of errands today. Feed runs, two because of the quantity. Another to deliver that sold framed print mentioned above. Rounded up some sold goats and turned them over to their purchaser. Moved hay in with the goats, also delivered today. Counted up the head of cattle. We've a new heifer, calved a few days ago.

Oh, look (running down the music list) a waltz piece. Put that one into another play list I'm making, Waltzing Matilda, all 3/4 time (or in a couple instances a multiple but still something to dance a waltz with). Wait... where did that idea go?

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