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Saturday, Not In The Park

Up early, not terribly early, helped Herself off to Haile Farmers Market. Then back to the Ranch because I forgot my license and other cards. I've put them back into the belt pouch. Now it's easier to switch between trousers/shorts because they're in the pouch. Feed run with Houdini, big load of goat. Fed everyone before doing that. Then put a new tarp over the buckling's shelter frame. Their old one tore in half (helped by bucklings). Gathered the book I borrowed from S & K NotOnLJ and went by their place to drop it off.

They weren't home. In to pick up Herself from market. Home, unloaded.

Afternoon, did laundry, sorted through some things in Studio. Not really done, made some progress. I've inventoried the mounted & matted prints, and the framed pieces.

11/5/11 Guy Fawkes Day

I am sitting in Studio 318 in the midst of straightening up to be able to work, and feeling overwhelmed. Prints mounted, matted, bagged & tagged that need someplace to stay. Framed pieces large and medium that also need someplace to stay. Pre-cut mats and bag sleeves in a box needing someplace to stay. Camera lenses and bodies and bags; properties to be photographed; chairs for sitting and sittings all needing someplace to stay.

I uncovered another rodent corpse while clearing, this one a bit fresher that the mummified carcass in the work shed. I also uncovered the remnants of other properties. Mouse (or associates) ate two and a half pounds of Kisses. The big one pound Kisses. I've three left untouched. Mouse got into two 'memory' boxes of chocolate as well, gift pieces from AORN Foundation Black Tie Galas. I will keep the boxes a bit longer. I had wanted to photograph these with the chocolate. Lesson: stop procrastinating.

Feeling overwhelmed. In one sense too little space yet in another too much stuff. One answer is indeed stop procrastinating, make photographs, and then Move The Stuff Out.

My AT&T bar code scan app found the LineCo linen hanging tape I purchased at CFOS. Amazon on line offer may be about half the price. Follow up on this.

Also I put it into a box marked Mat Mount Supplies & in with the pre-cut mats.

A count (not an inventory exactly) of
Framed Pieces: 11 in Studio (2 nfs) 15 in House (1 nfs)

Matted: 42 in Studio (sleeved) 8 in House (sleeved)
(Adventures in M-DG needs sleeve 16x24 is in archive sleeve w/prints out of shrink wrap)

Mounted not matted (NCFPC) 20 in House

Prints not Matted:
2 @ 16x24
Dryad Blessing
Dryad Yearning

1 @ 20x24
Dryad Grooming Her Tree

1 @ 24x29.75
Dryad Dreams

Part of that feeling overwhelmed I dealt with by taking glass and can recycling to the trailer, with the Bros. Part of that overwhelmed feeling is the letter we got from the IRS today, which tells us we mis-filed earnings from 2009 in that return. Need to get more info, need to check the return. Not devastating, but irritating, and pretty much negates the return from this year plus some, if we do have to pay.

That's my day. Tomorrow I work at Hospital. Oh, and the End of Year (Winter) Kidding is started. Two bucklings so far. More to come, we're sure.

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