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Breathe In, Breathe Out

Reminding myself. Cleansing breaths. Not disastrous.

This week, very little time other than what spent at Hospital and taking care of Ranch. Some of that I attribute to the bi-annual madness which is Daylight Stupid Time. Some of it is other than that. However, the next four days are a tad simpler, with only the Ranch and Personal to attend, not Hospital.

Did miss posting some Hippie Birdbaths here, because of that lack of on-line time other than via the PhoneWebz. Did post those Hippie Birdbaths in alternate on-line realities, so not feeling bad about that. Interesting, this, that I am feeling somewhat more strongly about the passing along of natal day well-wishing lately. Went through a long stretch in my life where I mostly didn't, about my own as well as others. Things change.

Things change, and with the changes come interesting internal self-concept philosophical debates. The outcome is undecided at the moment. We are amused.

If you go to the trouble of following my meanderings through those alternate on-line realities, one of the Occurrences these past four days involves the demise of our 16 year old television. Not sure the irony/wry humour came through in those postings, yet it is how I feel. This may be a 'disposable items' world these days, yet 16 years is a pretty good run for a bit of electronics. And there is other humour in this for myself, also ironic. Yesterday, cleaning up in front of the entertainment cabinet getting ready to pull the old TV out, it came on. All by its lonesome.

As if, 'No, don't discard me, I'll work, see?' Thing is, what with the other problems one of which is odd behaviour trying to turn it on, and the purchase of the replacement, this is a moot point. Odd flashes of light along with failure to start from an electronic device do not inspire confidence.

Thus, now we are moved into the 21st Century. The previous television, a Sony and a large cathode-ray tube sort, represented some of the best of that design philosophy. We've now got a Toshiba LED flat-screen. Over time I've owned devices from both companies and am of the opinion both care to maintain their reputations as manufacturers of quality. What I'm not sure of (based on recent experience with PC monitors, a similar device) is if the current concept of 'quality' involves 'longetivity'.

More later. Nearly time to start walking about on the Ranch.

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