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It is Sunday morning on the Ranch, and I need to get myself in motion. Not that anything vital is pressing, simply time to get into motion. Morning rounds need to be done, including the feeding of the New Kid. Today, because of events yesterday, I'll be doing this on my own so I'm feeling that I need to get myself in motion.

Herself and our friend arirobin went to SCA yesterday, one of the major events for the local kingdom. A bigger reason they went involved attending a wake for a recently deceased friend, and the wake wouldn't start until sundown. I'm guessing they left site around 02:00, based on my being awake and thinking about getting up around 04:00 when Herself turned on the light in the bathroom to change into pajamas. It's a guess because I've not been to the site where the event is held. I haven't been to SCA in ... years. Something local, and probably single digit years, and that's it.

At any rate, they got back to the Ranch and House early this morning, and are of course still sleeping. So Rounds will be on myself and the Bros.

Yesterday I salved the need to work on photography with some post-production work on a piece. The concept is still gelling, I'd say, and thus I kept mulling over the work done while watching a recorded Masterpiece Theatre Mystery during dinner. The question gelled during the hot soak after dinner, asking myself 'Why are you putting a nude in this?'

Well, because I like nudes is one answer. That doesn't answer the question, though, which is does the image need the nude, and since I am not sure it does (other than, yes, I like nudes) this means there is more work involved on the piece without the nude to see does it feel right, does this get me over the bump.

Other photography related work included cleaning off the old television of dust (it's currently in Studio 318 to keep it out of the weather) and bringing over a mobile floor stand to put it on. It's sitting on what used to be the television table, as a matter of fact, that now serves as a stand in Studio 318 for models animate and inanimate. Since there are some inanimate models I want to photograph, soon, I need to get it off that stand.

It could, of course, simply go off to the Dump. However, I'm feeling loath to do that. No, it doesn't work reliably enough for me to trust it in service here. No, I don't want to get it repaired for my own use... I think. On the other hand, in my electronics ignorance I am of the opinion that it may be repairable for someone. Now I'm not sure who, since last year the airwaves converted to the High Definition Digital standard and this television is most certainly not built to that standard. We didn't replace it then because Satellite TV provided usable signal. For it to be serviceable (post repairs) to someone, they'd need either cable or satellite TV.

Still, there is that feeling, that character trait. My Father described it once; he was a mender, one who mended and repaired and kept things going until there could be no mending because the foundation object truly wore so thin nothing could be attached any longer. I am a mender like my father, running lattice stitches through a tear in a pocket on work shorts (only worn on the Ranch, doesn't matter what they look like) or even darning socks occasionally (socks are so relatively inexpensive to manufacture any more... ). Partially this is an economic thing. Nowadays it's also, partially, an eccentricity thing. It's a disposable society. Why mend? Buy replacements.

In fact, I've already bought the replacement television, which is another reason I am not eager to get the old one repaired I suppose. Though it could also serve, with a DVD player, as entertainment.

Today, then, after rounds, I must do my own research on Freecycle and Craigs List and such, and make a posting. Old television, needs work, inexpensive to good home.

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