madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Sunday on the Ranch

This time around? Quiet. Nice that way. The intrepid travelers slept until shortly after noon which, considering they crashed to bed around 04:30-ish is pretty decent.

I got everyone fed, and even saw to escorting one of Ms. P's cows back home. She's been coming over to visit (the cow, though Ms. P does also) periodically, which means she's figured some weak spots between barbed wire. Tried to get her to turn back toward the common fence, but she spotted the Bros and set off up our private road towards the paved road... So I walked her back along the road fence until she got to her spot and crawled through. Then I marked that spot, plus one other, and caught up communications with Ms. P about it all.

After morning rounds and before the sleepyhead party types woke up I worked on one of the images been running through my head and such. Same piece I discussed this morning, it is, and with some work after pretty much answering the Question as the only reason for the nude is because I like nudes, and that's not enough reason this time got the thing closer to a view-able stage. Not up on line yet, sorry, so not view-able by y'all just now. Next week is maybe not too busy, might get a version up for viewing.

Afternoon visits, getting on time to make evening rounds. In between visits and such I also decided to wander over to Amazon. Thought in the back of my mind is that I'd set up an account there years ago, so probably under an older e-mail address which is still active but not very. Decided easier probably to simply make a new account and used the current active e-mail addy. Imagine my surprise when I see the message saying this addy is currently on an account. What's the password? Forgot it. Go through that process, being a bit more involved because one of the items Amazon wanted to verify I am Me is a number which even if I did give it to them then (likely? maybe?) no doubt is changed by now.

At any rate, yes, with customer support I'm now back on line with Amazon. So, what's on my Wish List I wonders. Only a few things, and most pertinent to this discussion is the dates: three years old. Well, yes, that would be why I don't remember the password, eh?

Since one of the items on the list was dated material, dropped that off. Dropped a couple other items on. Would tell y'all what to go look for except it uses more like the Legal Name there and not sure am ready to drop that here.

Not a lot on it just now, anyway.

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