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Woke to distant thunder this morning, and lay there for a bit thinking I should get up to bring Houdini inside. He is spending the night outside lately, by his choice. He's helping Squrrl keep watch over the Dirty Yard Birds (Chickens). And, apparently, this is paying off. We've lost eggs that we didn't collect from some of the outlier nesting spots, but no birds.

It started raining before I got up.

So I brought in a bit of a wet dog. He'd retreated inside his hut, and I'm pretty sure he didn't hear me coming nor see me as the hut door faces away from the house. Still, when I got to about six feet from the hut, he came out to greet me. Went in, dried off, lay down for a bit until the thunder mostly passed.

Then we got up and hung out watching the Weather Channel on the new TV. Exciting, eh? Things to do today, though, it being a day off from Hospital. So after the storm cleared our area we got dressed and headed out.

Things done today:
Fed all the Ranch critters ✔
Kroll horse trailer ✔
Raise stand from grass ✔
Wheels on sander ✔
Hoover house ✔
Unload feed when delivered ✔

LOL, copied & pasted from an app on my iPhone, Errands. Make a checklist, check them off, get the neat little check mark. Too geeky.

Anyway it is now all done. Started this post at the time noted (17:33) and finishing it now, after the feed delivery. This is a new thing for us, a friend introduced us to the person she gets her goat feed from, and the prices are good, and he delivers. Local Feed Store we've been frequenting is likely to loose some business. Lest we sound so callous, over the past three years we've been increasingly frustrated with Local Feed Store as it was acquired by a person who established a Local Feed Store Chain.

Only... one of the local stores got closed due to drop in business, and that drop may be due to other things. New Owner decided all feed orders needed to be centralised, and what this results in (frequently) is a shortage at the branch stores in what customers want. As in, Us. When we need it. Not in Stock. I've called the owner once to let him know, after letting manager of Local Feed Store know, and, well, it hasn't gotten better.

Delivered feed? Might be just the thing.

Time for dinner. (19:06)

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