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Hodge Podge

It being Saturday, and a day off from Hospital, one might think I've a lot of time to do things. And, yes, I do. Did. Something or other like that. Not, per se, what I might of thought and yes, per se, what I thought and are you confused yet? I will attribute that to a portion of 7.6% alcohol by volume on an empty stomach.

Up early but not as early as Go To Hospital days, to help Herself set up at Haile Town Centre Farmers Market. Got her up and running and did a brief walkabout to see if I spotted someone I met at Necronomicon, and no, I did not. Mysterious, eh? Actually, I'm thinking based on conversations at Necro that I may not see them at Farmers Market. So I keep looking.

Skipped picking up feed, the usual thing for Saturday after setup. Believe I mentioned this, as we are checking out a new supplier and this New Supplier delivers! Imagine that! Did stop at Midwest Feed so as to look for one of the clerks that works there (not there today) and to pick up meds for young goat doelings in need. Got meds. Conversation with the Other Clerk (a quite pretty young lady to whom I extended the offer to do her portrait, and from whom there is still silence about that subject which is probably a Quiet No) went something like this:

Madshutterbug: Morning

Clerk: Hi! Um, where's Houdini? Or his brother? (Houdini more often goes with me than Squrrl does, both do occasionally)

Madshutterbug: Well, I took Herself over and set up at the Haile Farmers Market, and with that load in the pickup and both of us with some things in the cab, there's no room for the dogs. Alas.

Clerk: Oh. Yeah, I can see that. Hey, do you want to take them some treats anyway?

Right. We do receive understanding and fairly good service from the clerks here, it's that the feed ordering too often shorts us on needed items that caused the search for elsewhere. And they are dog-friendly, and they mostly like Houdini. Mostly. There's one... anyway. I did bring them the treats and let them know which Clerk they came from.

Fed the Ranch after getting back, then started laundry, a couple other small chores, and took a borrowed book back to my friends S & K NotOnLJ just up the road for a short visit before heading back to load up after Market. Borrowed book is the most recent Dresden from Jim Butcher and much enjoyed.

After Market breakdown and unload, took old dead TV off to the recycle center at the dump. S NotOnLJ mentioned seeing a dozen or so on the recycle pallet there (he'd done a recycle run this morning) which made up my mind about trying to sell the thing as parts on Craigs List. That, and Herself sniffing at it after we moved it out onto the pickup. She said it smelt burnt.

Dead TV, Jim. I'm a Nurse, not a TV Repairman.

Gassed the truck for Herself on that run as well, then loaded tables back in as she's doing an SCA demo tomorrow with Canton. While I'm at work at Hospital. Back to the ranch, laundry continues (last batch in dryer now) and evening rounds made on the Ranch.

After Which is when I poured the beer. And got on-line and checked into a few things, such as the current Stats on Flickr views and such. I'm coming up on the time to do the renewal on my paid status there, and as every year for the past several I'm asking myself do I want to continue. Viewing the Stats is one way to measure this. It's interesting; over the past few months, where once it proved common to see five or less 'hits' on a day over a span of three weeks, now it is the occasional day that there are as few as 13 - 14 'hits'.

I'll probably stay another year.

Nice, exciting day. Yes. Time for dinner.

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