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Who Are You Again?

As in, actually, who am I that is writing this, what with such a rare appearance around here lately. Well, perhaps not 'rare' as in very unusual, still not as frequent as once did occur. See, with delusions of if not grandeur, then at least minor fame, one of the ideas with a blog is that there be regular, hopefully meaningful discourse on the topic of choice. In my case, photography and art, though I've noticed that the more successful (measured by number of readers) of these the writer/owner thereof does not limit themselves to discussions of art only.

Aspects of their lives fit in as well. This provides a well-rounded experience, something in my Nursing profession I learned to regard as 'holisitic', and creates a three-dimensional person. Still requires a regular presence, and lately, not particularly regular here. Now, this may or may not be reflective of how everyone is approaching the whole blog-o-sphere thing these days. Activities, like other things, do move in fads.

But on the one hand it is how I feel, like I'm not continuing on with something I do enjoy. On the other hand, I did shift over the primary income hours to four ten-hour days at Hospital. This is nice in the sense that there is one extra day not going away during the week, unless it's away for something more personal or art related. Thing is, getting off of work around 17:30 and dealing with the even not so terrible traffic here in North Central Baja Jorja, it is still dark, and nearly dinner time by the time I'm home. Not doing much more than getting evening Ranch rounds done if Herself hasn't already, and visiting with Herself and the Bros.

This week is even more unusual on that count, due to the long holiday weekend hereabouts. Not every business in the U.S. treats the Thanksgiving weekend as a four-day holiday. Retail does not; stores of all sorts may close on Thanksgiving Thursday, but they will be open on Black Friday.

Schools and Hospitals, though, these institutions do treat the Friday after Thanksgiving Thursday as another holiday. Except Hospitals don't close, so someone must cover the place, and due to personal predilection and the luck of the draw, I've one day in the seven of this Sunday through Saturday stretch. That was yesterday, Black Friday.

Mostly we avoided the Black Friday craziness, even driving into Hoggetowne to visit with near and dear friends who are not so near these days geographically. Ate lunch with them, and then Herself and I did a minor shopping for Ranch & Household supplies and food. Both of us commented on how light the road traffic appeared to us, particularly in the historic downtown area of Hoggetowne. Even the Sam's Club big-box outlet we frequent proved to be not particularly crowded. We did notice an increase of traffic on the way home as we neared the Strip Mall Stretch of Archer Road. Our chosen route took us around that, however, and we still didn't encounter particularly heavy traffic.

So honestly, I've no idea what sort of business the stores along Strip Mall Stretch (mostly fairly well known national franchise names, Wally World, Tar-Gette, Best Purchase, Lowe's. Wait... one name actually slipped through unchanged...) what sort of business they conducted. We did stop at the Publix because Sam's doesn't carry the preferred brand of Kitty Kibble the Four Kittehs of the Apocalypse desire, and they've been telling us in no uncertain terms the past several days that the attempt to introduce variety into there lives, well, Do Not Want. Publix was moderately busy, yet like Sam's not so crowded that movement proved near impossible.

Today I've morning Ranch Watch and didn't help Herself on Haile Farmers Market setup because I will be working at Hospital again, and it's the Evening shift (15:00 - 24:00 roughly) and this weekend is a Home Game for the Reptiles. They will be playing the annual major confrontation with the Indigenous Peoples up from the capitol way, and I expect town to be crowded and parking around Hospital (on the edge of Campus) to be potentially ridiculous, so I will probably head in earlier than normal as well.

Thus, it's about time to commence Morning Rounds, then to get cleaned up a bit, and take Bones over to those near and dear friends before they depart for geographical distance. Not recorded episodes of the television show, either, Bones. To become art. But that is his story, not mine.

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