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Chilly. Not Chili

Woke up this morning -- well, several times, actually, what with the congestion thing going on right now. Specifically, in the wee early hours and toward the coldest portion of the night, woke up to find myself joined in bed by one Border Collie and one Kitteh of Apocalypse. The other two Kittehs of Apocalypse were quite happily ensconced over with Herself. It did feel chilly in the room, but I didn't think much about it at the time. The weather forecast yesterday let us know it would be a chilly night.

Yes, I hear my more Northern friends and associates (much less family) laughing just now. However, I will tell y'all again: it does get cold here in North Central Baja Jorja. Cold, as in near or below the freezing point of water. It doesn't usually last as long as it does in areas further North (for this time of year and terrestrial axial tilt), and it doesn't get as cold as it does many places.

It does get cold and the forecast for last night put us a degree or so Celsius above freezing. In point of fact and retrospectively we may of hit the 0 Celsius point at least briefly. Inside the house was, in fact, noticeably warmer than outside and I know this because I went outside in the early light to check on something.

Because our heater hadn't come on. The thermostat was set for 20 Celsius (68 F for those folks not converting). Everything set to come one. Yet, it did not. Checked the breaker at the power pole. Not tripped. Checked the switches at the H/AC unit. Not tripped. Came back in. Flipped the Fan switch from Auto to On. The fan came on. Back to Auto. It went off. Hmm.

Nudged the thermostat up from the setting point and... the fan came on. Likely something going on with the thermostat then, and that a fairly easy fix. Simply replace the 16 year old thermostat. Oh, and it is much warmer inside the house, which the indoor thermometers told us at the time the heat actually did start it was like 12 - 14 Celsius.

Today (8 Dec. 2011) the Google banner is interesting to me, go check it out by going to Google. Recently saw the movie Frida on one of the Sky TV channels, about Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, and refreshed my memory about those two and other artists (specifically Edward Weston and Tina Modotti who are contemporaries).

I am informed that the problems involving LJ and DDoS and such may be resolved (now that elections somewhere are over). We shall see.

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