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More Damp & Dreary, With Bright Spot

Day started off damp and dreary again, though not as damp as yesterday. Good thing that. We may not of gotten as much sunlight as the Weather Channel said we would. We got enough dry to open out the two pavilions and let them air dry from yesterday. Did that right after feeding the Big Critters and before feeding the Birds. After that, hung out the new Display Walls so they too can air out and dry, as well as the wonderful Kuma's Playpen Ranch banner sign Herself got made for the Farmers Market.

But no sun.

As I wrapped up on filling water stations for the Birds, Herself came out of the House with the land-line phone; call from old and dear friends M & Y NotOnBlogNets (that I know of), and currently on the road near to us bringing Mom to Baja Jorja for the winter. So we wrapped up the morning chores, which involved moving the pavilions onto the roofed back porch of Studio 318 (they are mostly dry, at the time, and moreso now) and unloading tables from the back of the pickup.

Then we drove into town to meet M & Y and Mom for lunch. Nothing fancy. Y selected the Cracker Barrel because it is located right by the interstate. We learned while at dinner that they experienced overheating problems with the car yesterday, so not being in surface traffic where idling without the radiator fan working is a good idea. While on the road, running, enough air flow passes through the radiator anyway.

At any rate, lunch lasted about two and a half hours, seemed like a lot less it went by so fast, and we all enjoyed ourselves. Y is now several years retired from Major Pharmaceutical Firm where as an architect he was responsible for a lot of their facilities planning. Now he is happy helping some of their children rebuild a house, and driving to Auto Meets with their fully restored Volkswagen Bus and Karmen Ghia.

Shared one of our photography portfolios with them so we're all up to speed on what we've been doing for fun and potentially a bit of profit.

Back to the Ranch, started the laundry (still ongoing at this writing), which involved a short nap with Houdini during the first load. Then a bit of surfing the 'Net, before out for Evening Rounds. Those done, fed the Bros, checked the laundry (still ongoing at this writing) and thinking about dinner.

Restful. Good thing, too. No voice.

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