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Voice-Less Week

Very quiet. No, not really, a lot of things occurred, and over the course of the week voice and URI improved. However, this involved a lot of rest and sleep, and not a lot of talking anywhere except as necessary.

And while a 'lot of things' occurred, most of them qualify (even if Ranch specific) as Activities of Daily Living. Probably not the most exciting of things. Still and all, let's see:

Previously noted about Monday, and not going in to work at Hospital.

Tuesday, did go in to work. People still asking me 'Shouldn't you be home?' Mostly didn't talk except as needed to facilitate professional communications. On another note, though, Herself went in to the Barony An Crosaire meeting of the evening, and came home with the news that a Hoggetowne 'institution' of sorts, George's Hardware, is closing business and everything is on sale to clear inventory. She also mentioned that a couple friends who stopped by said the place was pretty well stripped.

George's Hardware is a bit eclectic as hardware stores go. Entirely independent, not a member of any of the franchise groups, one definitely could find hardware here. One could also find other things, antiques, unusual items (for a stretch of time he had around 25 oak barrels which slowly moved along), vinyl music. Yes, vinyl, as in 33 1/3 RPM records. Just all sorts of things could be found at George's. Store been open 46 years. George says it's time to retire.

Wednesday, getting off work early (part of the rest and sleep plan) decided I'd go take a look for myself how stripped George's could be. Found out, not so stripped as it sounds. Looked at a couple of those 'esoteric' items, one being a window sign light which I considered as a light box for viewing negatives and transparencies. It is of a size which will make viewing the 8x10 negatives from Zone VI 8x10 Monster Camera feasible. Also looked at a collection of miscellaneous lawn mower replacement wheels. What I purchased, though, included three oil lamps, some heavy-duty aluminum carbiner style clips to help facilitate storage/handiness of items in Studio, a canning pot and rack for Herself, and a couple medium to heavy duty extension cords.

Thursday, dentist day for routine cleaning and exam. All good. Talked Herself into coming with me so she could go by George's while I got my teeth cleaned. Due (I think) to some oddness involving the Daylight Stupid Time change and iPhone, arrived an hour early for the teeth cleaning. So we both went over to George's Picked up that sign light, a couple sets of the replacement wheels (will be used on Chicken Tillers. More on those later. Probably much later. Stay tuned.), and a collection of miscellaneous hardware some for Studio rigging and some for Yardbird housing. Oh, and a replacement for the 12 volt air compressor I keep in Sydney Subaru Outback which died.

What, you don't keep a 12 volt air compressor? Handy thing, that, particularly since Compressed Air is no longer free at petrol service stations. What, you don't remember Compressed Air being free? ::sighs::

Friday, off to work again, home again after work.

Saturday, helped Herself load up and sent her off to Haile Farmer's Market yet didn't go help with setup. Got started doing Ranch Rounds early, followed up with laundry and other chores about. Mostly keeping an eye on Squrrl BorderCollieBro, who is experiencing an Upper Respiratory Infection. Houdini had been yet is on the bounce again. Afternoon helped unload the truck when she got back, then ran a shopping errand into Williston for last-minute supplies to make Blasphemous Dip aka Cheesy Piggie for S & K's Solstice Party. Got that done, off to party after evening Ranch Rounds, and enjoyed good company, good food, and toasted the Return of the Light. Yes, a bit early, but held on weekend closest before the actual Solstice.

Today... kicking back, getting ready to head out for Rounds. Yah, I told you, exciting eh?

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