madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Happy Solstice

It is now, officially, in my neck of the woods Winter and in other people's neck of the woods (that I know) Summer, and the World turns Round Again.

Yah, and that's another intense hook line to keep you reading, eh?

This year I've been rather more meditative about the time of year than is often my wont. Or I'm lying to myself, always a possibility. Over time, though, I've gone from being truly, terribly excited about the upcoming Major Holiday(s) to being excessively Scrooge-like, and the gamut in between. This year feels to be a mixture. I'm looking forward to the conventional New Years, possibly a bit less about the one celebrated a week before. Sent along private wishes to some of the friends for whom one of the holiday/holy days is celebrated, and contemplated the others.

The Solstice itself is probably the most significant for me, personally, and already posted a bit about celebrating that, albeit early.

Meanwhile, back at The Ranch, I've received notification that someone, apparently randomly, provided me with a month free membership to Dreamwidth. I find this pleasantly surprising, enjoyable, and amusing considering several factors involving my other blogging site and recent events there. However, that's a long story in itself, and Herself is nudging me that it's time to go Walkabout on Ranch for morning chores.

Suffice it to say, so far I'm in two places, though mostly sharing things between them.

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