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Happy New Year, Gregorian

And now for another exciting year of blogging!

Skimming through posts on the reading list today, seeing a goodly number of 'wrap-up' theme posts. I've my own thoughts about that; quick summation is any date designated as a New Year is associated with review of the past and planning for the future.

Philosophical, what? Wait, there's more. I remember writing a note yesterday about how arbitrary it is to use January 1 as New Year, and that it comes off the Gregorian calendar and the Julian calendar before that, out of Rome. Ancient Rome, that is, and yes also out of Vatican Rome. Different places, different cultures, different New Year Day designations. Yet they all will involve review of the past, planning for the future, and cleaning up.


Took Herself on a short Road Trip yesterday, into Hoggetowne. Our coffee maker started leaking out the bottom a few days back, time for a new one. We also needed to get some prices on a few things, pick up some others, and re-stock the canned goods in teh pantry. When the canned goods get down to only green beans, it's pretty much time, eh? So after all the Ranch Rounds were done, cleaned up a tad, secured teh Bros, and hit the road.

First stop, Lowe's. Right, mentioning a Name Store. We also use Home Depot, and I may be shifting more business to Home Depot based on their responses regarding Equal Rights for all and Diversity. However, Lowe's is physically closer, not to mention on the same route as that to and from Hospital, so often gets visited simply because that spends less petrol.

Enough justification, that's where we went. We looked for mid-sized to smaller tool boxes, as those provide a handy tool in themselves for carrying pavilion associated items (Farmers Market, Art Fairs) like bungee cords, velcro straps, tape, and such. Curiously enough, we found either too small, or too large, not just right. Though I may add another of the small ones; got a small one shortly before last month's Winter Gift Fair which sparked this whole organisation thing for the pavilions. We will go look closer to home, though, at the Ace Hardware in Archer and Williston.

Did pick up some lights, which were not (exactly) on the list. One light is another of the outdoor decorative rope light LED units, which I am going to experiment with for lighting the pavilion, or at least one of them. If it works, we'll look to acquiring more for that purpose. Setup needs to be quick and easy, which means striking the pavilion will also be quick and easy, or I'm not going to use it. However, at least one of the regular Farmers Markets where we will be showing over the next year (expanding the show, really, as Herself has been setting up the Ranch Booth and started setting up the Art Booth, which I will pick up this year) is an evening gig and this time of year is dark partway through.

The other is a set of hand-held torches, headband torches, and keychain LED lights. Somewhat ditto to above, though we're using them on the Ranch as well. I'd picked up on close-out a headlight LED unit that clips onto the bill of a ball cap or hat from one of the local Ace Hardware places, and like it a lot. So we got another for Herself. Herself's has a red LED along with the two white LED's, and the goats seem to cope better with the red light than the white lights. So I kind of wanted to replace my bill-mounted one. Except, this set of eight cost the same as a single headband by different manufacturer. So... we've got lights. As Herself says, some go into the vehicles as travel kit, some go into her camping box for trips to SCA, and we'll use the rest around Ranch.

Departed Lowe's after forgetting to look for a type of insulation product. This means, oh well, gotta go again. Or, yanno, to HD, eh? Since groceries on the To Do list and hungries growing I abducted took Herself for burgers at Five Guys Burgers. Yum.

Then off to Le Target looking for new slacks for both of us, to see if they had any of those aforementioned tool boxes, and price blankets. Border Collies can be rough on blankets, just by getting up and down from the bed. Such is life. However, I want it known beyond a shadow of doubt We Do Not Spoil Our Dogs. They are family. And hard working. So they get certain rewards. Oh, and the coffee maker, too, which we'd looked at over there in Lowe's and laughed ourselves silly on those prices.

Accomplished one set of slacks, for moi, one coffee maker, and a handful of Holiday (as in Xmas) Clearance items. Um, decorative ornament hooks, one box of geodesic ornaments as Studio props, and some Mantle Clips (secure decorations on fireplace mantles) which we will use to secure table covers on tables at Farmers Markets. Other than the slacks and coffee maker, not on the list. On the other hand, 70% off. Score.

As gravy on the deal, we encountered one of my friends from Hospital with 3/4 of family. Believe I might need to say, I like the folks I work with however, there are not a lot of them with which I like socialising away from Hospital. S, C, & Offspring are on that list, so encountering them serendipitously proved quite enjoyable.

Done with Le Target, off to Publix, and we restocked the pantry. I mean, hey, that's what going grocery shopping is, right? Biggest bit of fun here involved the bagger person at the checkout asking me if 'Plastic OK' and my answering 'No'. Great expression in response, then I held up the reusable bags we bring in and said 'These are Better' for an even better expression, big, huge grin.

Back home, late (er) afternoon, late enough we stopped on the way in to feed the Horses. Then the Border Collie Bros aided us in herding our acquisitions into the House. After that, off for Evening Rounds which meant feed teh Cows and the one young buckling we are bottle feeding. Divide and Conquer, Herself fed Manualito while the Bros and I fed the cows. Partway to the cows, and our neighbors across the road started lighting off fireworks which resulted in not One but Two Border Collies attempting to merge their physical selves with mine. However, we got the Cows fed without too much ado, then back to the house with more Physical Space Merging, and after a calm-down period in the House got dinner into them.

Really, no small thing, that, because with continuing fireworks and gunfire both Bros wanted to be in Safe Places. We added some background noise to help mask the banging booming, and they did eat.

Then they smelled... Pizza! Which is because we made pizza for our dinner, opting to stay in for the evening since the theme of Noisy Boomie New Years Eve Celebration continued. Pizza Bones, apparently, go a long ways to sooth a Border Collie Bros nerves.

Watched some recorded pieces while eating, and after eating, and repeated the Physical Space Merging when we went out after eating for evening pottie rounds. Headed off to bed actually close to a 'normal' time for me, and spent a bit of that still soothing Houdini (Herself had Squrrl). Somewhere around ten-ish drifted off to sleep, then woke up to a desparate Houdini shoving his nose into my armpit right on about midnight, and a lot of banging booming across and down the road noise.

After that, things got quiet, and we slept until some when around 05:00 when again a Houdini nose shoved into my armpit and a Squrrl tail thumped the floor like a rock drummer with the pretty obvious message: Boss! Get up! Gotta Go!

So out the door we went, where intracystic hydrostatic pressures were relieved in misty foggy early morning duskiness, then back into the house where the first pot of coffee of 2012 got brewed in the new coffee maker.

So where's the wrap up?

- I set a goal last year to do three weekend art show/fair type displays. Met that goal with the short-term addition of the Downtown Winter Gift Fair.
- We reviewed our feed expenses as the Ranch, and found an alternative source for our livestock feed; some prices less, a few more, and the feed is delivered included in teh cost. Overall savings, petrol, vehicle wear, and on the feed bill.
- Got through another year at Hospital
- Starting to get used to another web browser. Safari is different. Not bad. Different.
- Four really good photo sessions in 2011 led to completing one theme (Four Seasons in One Fae, though to be honest, more work to come out of that), showing a piece which received an award, and enough inventory to start setting up at weekend art fairs.
- Completed my part (getting work into the mail) to start meeting a goal for 2012, to do eight weekend art fair/show type displays. NOTE: I do not intend to count the weekly setup at Town of Tioga Farmers/Craft Market in this. Must be separate weekend shows.)

I'm absolutely positive there's more. That will suffice.

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