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Sense of Accomplishment

Slow start to the day led to steady progress through the rest of the day. Morning got out and checked all the livestock water points, reconnecting, and happy to report no burst plumbing out there. Tonight we shall not be so cold as freezing.

Afternoon, some indoor chorse and then a road trip through Bronson to a store Herself started moving some of our Ranch product through. That we coupled with paying the property taxes, so the Ranch is once again out of hock with the Guvmint for a year. Visiting The Maker's Market (link opens in another window) much more pleasant than paying taxes. Easy to get sucked into conversation with Tina. Happens to Herself every time she goes over to make a delivery. Happened to me today.

One of the items we picked up at The Maker's Market will go to a test dish recipe which I shall be the unfortunate guinea pig test subject. Herself is doing feast at an upcoming (couple months) SCA event, so actually there will be several such test dishes in my near future. It is a tough job. I shall persevere.

After that we did a short detour to Major Grocery Chain Store in Williston, mostly for Herself to do some comparison shopping for that same feast. We also picked up some items for a batch of chili and some other staples.

Thursday is Feed Delivery Day under our new system, and as we left Major Grocery Chain Store Herself received a phone call from our delivery person, who'd arrived at the Ranch. We assured him we'd be there soon; Williston is about a ten minute drive, and we were already starting to roll.

Thus feed unloaded (mostly) by the time we got there, order paid for, and we started putting up feed into barrels. Walk back to the House, gather the Bros, and do riding rounds to put up the Cow and Hog feed, while also feeding the Horses & Cows.

So that's it. Now it's time for dinner.

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