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SOPA PIPA Takin' a Bath

In one sense it proved very easy for me to honour the Internet Blackout Day yesterday. After all, it being a Work at Hospital day I wouldn't be doing much surfing anyway. There is one thing I usually check Wikipedia for on Work at Hospital days, and that is the historical anniversaries they list. I'm not too worried about Wikipedia's reputation for occasional (frequent?) inaccuracies on those. I use them to populate a field on one of two wall-mounted communication boards in the Surgical Suite wherein I practice nursing, the 'Today Is:' fiels for the list of personnel in the room. Provides a bit of humanity to it, and the other communication board which identifies significant patient data gets the actual date in the equivalent field.

Yesterday I simply put "Prosecute Piracy, Can Censorship: Internet Blackout Day" as the 'Today Is:'. Nobody said much about it.

As an artist and specifically one who posts works to the Internet, I am opposed to intellectual piracy. I definitely want to see such acts of theft prosecuted, and potentially compensation to the artists victimised by the theft. Likewise, as an artist and a human, I am opposed to censorship in any form other than self-censorship, an individual deciding that they will not make a specific statement. This probably verges on an over-simplification of some things, yet for me, it suffices.

I did visit two sites, and noted the manner they observed the intent. I've seen commentary on other sites that may not of 'blacked out' their sites, rather promoting the spirit in another manner. I'm still processing what may or not result from yesterday.

Meanwhile, Back At the Ranch
Today is a Stays Home Day, and Houdini is enjoying it. So is his brother, though perhaps not as much as H is. So far, today, we've done a leisurely wake-up, consumed our (mine, Houdini doesn't get any) coffee, helped with Morning Rounds, unloaded the feed delivery, eaten lunch, and am now even as I type catching up on laundry.

And on that note...

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