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Now For the Trivia

If you want substance, wander over to the first posting for today.

Despite notices, or the occasional I noticed when I logged in, and despite my knowing it is that time of year, my Flickr paid membership lapsed. Alas. Now I am able to see merely the most recent 200 images I've posted there. It will wait until I'm happier with some of the other bills, at which point I may decide to clean the damn thing up and out and close it anyway.

I've been catching up with reading here. I mean, over and beyond my 'personal internet blackout' yesterday. I like my new smart phone. It does allow me to pursue a goodly number of reading lines. I don't much like posting to the 'Web with it, though. Specific apps yes. Safari to the 'Web, not so much.

I've also been catching up with 'rating' music in one of the two applications I use for listening. I should probably stream-line my life and choose one over the other. Complicated, that's what two music applications are.

Wondering why I forgot I wanted to run to the Post Awful today?

Time to go feed the Ranch.

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