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Well, I've been absent for a while.  Not without leave, but then again.  Flew out to Colorado on Tuesday past, met up with sister and bro-in-law near Colorado Springs.  Also met up with a model there, and S took us (sister and I) to an abandoned homestead where we worked for three hours doing 8 months preggers bare momma photos.  I still need to get film developed, but have been very slowly perusing some digital shots.

Following the morning shoot, sister, bro-in-law and I drove up Pike's Peak all the way to the summit.  Yes, Toto, we're not at sea level anymore.  Up there at 14,110 feet, I moved very slowly and deliberately doing deep breathing the whole time.  Got Oxygen?  Digital images of this trip.

Thursday we drove over to Canon and went to see Royal Gorge.  Neat place, but not recommended if one is afraid of heights.  Again, film to be developed and some digital images.

Friday I drove back up to Denver for a nursing association meeting; some digital shots in this area as well.  Saturday evening went to some friends house southwest of town; they've done a lot of work on the house and the grounds since I was there last.  Oh, yeah, baby.

So that pretty much wraps things up.  Still in Denver, but finish up tomorrow morning and fly back home tomorrow early evening.  Won't get back to Orlando International until nearly midnight.  Gonna be tired on Wednesday!

Tags: aorn, art, family, photography, travel

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