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Working For Oneself

When last we met our intrepid blogger, he driveled on about how tired he was after not making any blog entries...

Not much changed in several days. On the other hand, did manage to record this in the right here at home blog. Is it a blog if it isn't on-line? Or simply a journal? Anyway.

Got up around 06:30, into office by around 07:00 and worked on the Figures/Nudes model contract/consent form. I think I'm ready for that to be reviewed by a contract lawyer, so now I need to find one. Then I changed simply one item, the $1.00 from $2.00, and saved as the same file name less 'Figures' to be the other contract/consent form.

Changed up text a bit on the proposed holiday magnet card (or at least one of them) and saved under modified file name. Then re-sized to the smaller magnet, that will work easily. However, the text still wants work; it disappears into the image in the smaller version.

Still experiencing problems with Chrome not wanting to load sites. Must investigate.

Time to go to work on the Ranch. Need to work on the Fake Fireplace today. Consider it also practice in making flats for Studio 318.

Now, that's from yesterday morning, before getting off my duff and out the door to go work for myself again. This at least gives me some foundation for continuing with this goal and concept of writing a blog. So.

Contract / consent form. I decided to revise this last year, when someone who modeled for me nearly ten years back asked me, as a personal favour, not to use those photographs. After making the point to this individual that I couldn't do this as a personal favour because an exchange of value took place, making it business, I did withdraw the images from any public forum. Sent them a registered certified letter with a copy of the contract/consent form they'd signed, and listed in the letter the specifics of the exchange of value, and told them to consult a lawyer about what this constituted.

Not going into their response. Pretty much the statement they made boiled down to Oh Thank You Dear Friend But I Missed the Clue Bus...

Decided I needed my own review, done by a friend who is not a contract lawyer and is a lawyer and without going into details about their practice still covered my needs, to whit I indeed possessed every right to display those images and if it went to a legal action likely would prevail in the sense the findings would be to Plaintiff, 'Catch the Clue Bus.' Still, kept those images out of public forums and started working on the form, researching what some others use, looking at the wording, seeing if I could find some way to make it even clearer that this agreement means I intend to show this artwork to the World.

I suppose that constitutes working on 'Art' yet it is very boring work. Necessary, yet boring. Hence a bit of work on another project, an idea I am 'stealing' from an Austrailian photographer acquaintance. Michael Marborough also photoraphs the nude, so visiting his web site will involve looking at such art, you may not want to follow the link..., and for rather a while he's sent out an interesting Holiday card to folks as are likely to want such, one of his photographs from the year on a 9x13 cm magnet. The collection I received are mostly displayed on the refrigerator in Studio 318, though some are in the Big House.

Herself's brother saw them on one trip by, while dropping something off for us. Since we weren't home at the time, he texted Herself and said why wasn't he receiving Holiday cards like that? I'd been thinking about doing this for a couple years, and this pretty much sparked the process. Not that I got done in time for 2011, which is what I'm working on, and Bro-in-Law will receive one, albeit late. Which will help kick-start me for this in 2012.

The Fake Fireplace, now, is stage-dressing. Hence the additional comment about it being practice making flats for Studio 318. Any one of my friends/readers familiar with stage theatre or I suppose cinema as well knows what flats are, a light frame covered either by taught stretched muslin/canvas or light plywood, and painted to present a scene such as the interior of a house, or an exterior location.

Herself makes hand-dipped beeswax candles. Often her biggest work period for this was during the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire, which this year is happening this weekend and next. Bit labour intensive, because the wick is repeatedly dipped into liquid (therefor hot) beeswax until enough layers are built up to make a pair of tapered candles. Always a pair, because the wick is draped over the dowel or flat holder to do the dipping. She uses a liquid propane fired burner for this. Not particularly medieval looking, and what we were using for stage dressing is recycled into other uses - she hasn't done this at Hoggetowne for a couple years, in part because inventory got up to several hundred pairs of candles and while they do sell, the don't sell particularly rapidly.

Yesterday, then, I build a new stage dressing, the 'Fake Fireplace' because it is a three-sided setup of brick-patterned paneling, cut to size, and reinforced with 2x2 wood framing. It breaks down to three parts for transport, and locks together with wing-nuts on carraige screws. She's off to Faire today and will use this. We are calling it the Mark 1 because it is moderatly crude considering the appearance. And it provides practice in building flats.

Practice is a big part of what going to Town of Tioga Farmers/Crafts Market is every Monday evening lately. I've not sold any photographs there, though people stop to look. What I've gotten, is practice setting up the booth, yielding time and exposure of things to help in long term. So I suppose both of those constitute working on art, as well, at least in the sense that it is either something to help set the stage for photographs, or for selling photographs.

On that note, time to get up and get moving.

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