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Ranch. Studio. Airway.

As a Health Care professional I suppose Airway ought to of come first (you know Airway, Breathing Circulation the basics of basic CPR classes...), however as someone who is experiencing severe nasal & sinus congestion, plus associated upper airway sequelae, I think I'm a bit hypoxic so thinking more about the other two. Partly because we've been steady on those two items recently.


The goats are kidding. So far we are at 26 live kids, with a couple more does yet to deliver. For a couple reasons, it's easy this time to tell who the sire is when looking at these kids. First of all, we actually had only one buck out there with the adult does at breeding time. Second of all, while the kids may show their own unique variations and the ancestry within the herd, they definitely show his colouration pattern over all.

Shortly after all the does were bred, Mr. Handsome demonstrated a potentially undesireable trait. He let himself out of the paddock, most likely through a weak spot in the fence but possibly over it. However, he didn't go far, and whatever spot he used is inside the Road Gate so not on the road. Quite happily walked into the Buckling Pen at feeding time, where he's remained since.

This is pertinant because for the first time since we started raising goats (a learn as we progressed project) we do not have any bucks in with the does at kidding time. It's been almost positively peaceful out there in the Big Herd. Might not thank that, what with 24 or so kids ocasionally all hollering for their moms, because they're hungry or just Mom, Where Are You. What is peaceful about this is, well, pheremones change during kidding. Bucks start thinking Does Are Horny. Except, of course, they aren't. They're kidding. The bucks would chase the does, often the ones with new kids who are trying to bond with their kids. None of that this time. It's quite nice, really.


Studio 318, the Building, is doing something of triple duty just now. Yes, it's my photography studio, a place to go and make photographs, study lighting and exposure. It's also something of a workshop, since there are things, tools, such, I've not wanted to leave out in the Workshed. I've not wanted to leave them in the Workshed because that's been more like a storage shed, not really functional for working.

With the cleanup progress in Workshed, this is slowly changing. However, I'm still reluctant to move the wooodworking bench out there, mostly due to space and partially due to wetness. It will happen, and this year, simply not yet. Some tools are moving out to Workshed as we progress, simply because as I clean up and clear what little shelving space I've got there, I can move tool boxes. Once some of the shelves where toolboxes are resting inside Studio are cleared, that provides more shelving for photo props and such to be stored.

All this clutter interferes with making photographs to some extent. More soon.

The third function right now is storage of items which make up both the KP Ranch and Studio 318 Booths for farmers and crafts markets and shows. This is perhaps the most active part, since Herself started working three farmers markets in the area a bit over a year ago. Every week, three times a week, these things go out onto the bed of Forrest Nissan Pickup, off to market, then come back into Studio at the end of market. They've been going onto chairs and the floor and in general in the path for shooting.

Now, they go onto their own mobile shelf. These are not the sale items; eggs, goats milk and goats milk cheese, beef, goat, and pork, and any produce as season provides are all stored within refrigerators (one inside the old kitchen, one on the back deck) or freezers (three, on the back deck). The things on (now) the shelf are 'physical plant' items. Totes with table cloths, signage, lamps (two of the markets are evening markets, this time of year they need lights towards the end), office supplies, chairs, collapsable hand trucks... things like that.

Providing them with vertical storage went a long ways to clearing the decks. Which, given we've been going in and out a lot, not spending tons of time inside a lot working on photo projects, still showed some mess. Well, OK, there are some photo projects we've been working on over the past few months. Mounting prints, matting prints, sleeving or framing same, but those all produced their share of mess.

That's all cleaned up now. Plus, little bonus, set up the other old set of speakers since I'd pulled out the small ones I was using when we got the new TV for the House. So, music during sessions again avialable.

Didn't get it all done (long checklist) yesterday, did get a good portion done. The backdrop is hung, and I spent some time with the garment steamer working on de-creasing it. This leads us back to Airway, because one who is experiencing severe nasal & sinus congestion, plus associated upper airway sequelae, could do far worse to help break up said congestion than to fire up a garment steamer and steam a large cotton canvas photo backdrop. Could use a bit more steaming. We'll see.

However, did get 10 of 16 items checked off, and I've already told Herself I think I'm not going to Tioga Town Centre Market this evening. Partially due to Airway, and partially due to needing to get those other items done. Thursday is an upcoming session, starting near noon, so most of Studio setup needs to be done before then. After all, will still need to Feed the Ranch on Thursday morning, count Kids, and make sure there is a check written to cover the feed order, which will be delivered on Thursday as well.

Now, some of this work led to further thoughts on things needing to be done (of course). That's OK. This is a never ending story, here.

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