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Returning from an errand and stopping to start the Coyote Deterrant System out by the goat barn yesterday evening, Herself called to tell me the full moon was about to show over the horizon. I snagged her D3000 (my D70s is off to the shop for long overdue maintenance) with remote and went out to the inner gate.

These would be time exposures. Long shutter speeds need stable cameras. I didn't pause into Studio for one of the tripods. How then to provide the necessary stability?

Sandbag. Well, improvised and no sand yet same principle. Out of my pocket, my watch-cap. Roll the top a bit, set on top of a fence post. Place camera on cap with lens supported on the rolled part of the cap. Compose, set shutter or aperture as desired, use remote. Exposures ran between 10-15 seconds with some variation.

Quick review of the handful of shots, little to no camera shake. Will post image later, part of my purpose last evening included checking which cards needed clearing for today's Studio session. Since that is today noon-ish. So it's almost time to head out for my part of Morning Rounds before going into Studio 318 for final tune-up before session.

Final tune-up will include running space heaters for a bit. It is currently 9 Celsius outside. Not frigid yet cold. Refrigerators are kept at or near that temperature. Not asking this model to work in a refrigerator.

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