madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Good Energy Session. Tired Now.

Studio session today, which I scheduled as two hours, started around 11:30 and ended around 16:00.

On three different points during the session I offered the point as a good wrap point. Model said 'Let's keep going.' So we did. The over-all theme is somewhat surreal and somewhat fantasy. Surreal due to the stage setting; arcs and half-arcs. Fantasy with the face mask and hair.

For post-production I've copied the files to the PC, added the background data as needed (not editing; location, copyright, catagories, keywords), and copied those files to USB hard drive as first level backup. Skimmed through two groups. Some good work today. Some which will never see the light of anyone's viewing day as well. Part and parcel of moving into a new venue of lighting, 'strobist'.

Well, not totally new, still today's approach is rather a bit further along than what I've done previously. Plus, some hints no how to do another venue I want to work in again, 'painting with light'.

I am tired now. Time for dinner. Good night.

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Tags: art, photography, studio

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