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An Odds and Ends Day

Odds & ends chores about the Ranch today. Feed laid in. Hog water point maintenance done, one new point made, parts for the second ready to go. Errands run, prepping for a mount & mat print fest done.

Whew. Time for a beer. Wait, got to feed the Horses first. Cows already got fed. We fed them when we laid in feed, as part of a clever plan to empty out their storage barrel for refilling. Now the Bros and I completed the walk out to feed Horses, and yes, there is beer. While the Bros are eating their dinner. Shortly I shall go warm up mine. Herself is off to Canton meeting tonight, so we are baching it.

Odds and ends. Thursday lately I've been working to reserve for photography related work, and in one manner today did include some of that. Early on before starting the outside chores, and one of those same chores prepped some PVC tubing to be a top-rail for the display curtain walls of Studio 318 booth. Will help distribute the weight of framed pieces while they are hanging, and come a couple weeks will need that ability.

Otherwise, though, most of today's chores I'd put into the Ranch column, and necessary. Over the weekend I worked a bit more on photographic things, without any complaints from Herself, so today I paid back some of that time to the Ranch. Still not paying myself as well as Hospital does, and still somewhat happier about it nonetheless.

Errands for part of the days chores, a run into Archer. Check the Post Awful (picked up acid-free linen mounting tape, so there's another checkbox in the Photo column). Dropped off a library book, which I borrowed from our neighbor Ms P. Bit more on that shortly. Renewed my library card while I stopped there; couldn't find my old one cleaning out an old wallet. They don't expire, exactly. However, my name didn't show in the Library data base either, and it's been at least five years since I've used it. Good thing to renew.

After Library stopped into Ace Hardware. Picked up another small tool box which I thought I'd use for the mounting/matting tools, but not sure now because that tape I picked up, well, it's too big for the particular tool box. However, the box is Red. Herself likes red. We'll find a good use for it. And then to the grocery store for a few groceries, nothing major.

The book borrowed from the neighbor who checked it out from the Library. Yes. We've been watching Castle on the tube since it started, and enjoying the show a great deal. When the second season started, Castle (the character) published a Nicki Heat book which is what Castle (the character) was spending time with Detective Kate Beckett (the character) researching. I thought it a humourous marketing ploy and thought about buying the book, but didn't at the time because I spent the available funds on a couple photography books.

There are two Nicki Heat books out now, and Ms. P (a somewhat recent introducee to Nathan Fillion Fandom... she's put a Wanted poster out on the front fenceline of her property, for Malcolm Reynolds) checked them both out from the Library. When she and her partner finished reading them she lent them to me. Good way to read them, I think. Bit slow on the start up, pace picks up nicely once into the investigation proper. If one is a fan of the video show as well, it's easy to see the 'characters' and who they are based on as there is a similar premise in the first book (professional writer goes on a ride-along with a police team as research for an article).

I lean to the theory that the writer(s) are the script writers, rather than Mr. Fillion himself. And I'll read the next one, should there be a third. And I'll wait until the Library has it, too.

Now, it's time for dinner.

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