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Long Day

Long day working on photographic related things, not photography directly. After morning rounds, that is, which today include stopping to get to know Ms. Truffles. Ms. Truffles is a young blue-back sow who came to live with us from a friend who discovered that the Homeowners Association that covers their bit of Rural Heaven does not allow swine.

She's quite mellow, a big difference from the hogs we've been dealing with for a while. Then again, those hogs are 50-50 crosses to the wild Florida hogs, and they show it in appearance and attitude. Not so much domesticated, as contented, mostly.

After Rounds, on to photographic work which isn't photography...

First, set up the pavilion booth to double check that the new wall support is working the way I anticipated. It is, at least 90% so we'll fly with it this weekend and see. Then struck the booth and started working on mounting and matting a new batch of prints. Discovered I'm off on my inventory of mats for 8x12 prints by, well, I don't have any. So, none of the new 8x12 prints will be in the show this weekend. That's OK, There's a goodly amount of 8x10 additional, plus all the existing inventory, so it's slowly growing.

Now we simply need to sell some to help pay for more.

So. A bit of a break from what's been my major motif for a while. If y'all are in the North Central Baja Jorja area a.k.a. North Central Florida, Alachua County or near enough to make the drive worth while, this weekend is the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Spring Garden Festival. Besides being a major event for any of you plant growers, there will also be a lot of other vendors there.

In Booth #138 will be Studio 318, Fine Art Photography and Earth Jewelry. Y'all come on over, now, hear?

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