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Getting Ready For Show

Sunday and Monday did some work getting ready for the show. More on Monday than on Sunday. Hand-cutting backboards for pieces on Monday, and a lot of work, keeping straight edge lined up, marking accurately. Herself kept suggesting using the small mat cutter we'd purchased, but that only cuts the bevel. Sore finger on the drive in to work on Tuesday, and I kept thinking it's time to at least check on the big mat cutter Mother Mary gave us. Thought in my head all these years, because I'd unscrewed it from where it was mounted in the shed at the Big House in Deltona, that it needed to be mounted securely.

Decided to haul it out, look at it, and decide. Helped that I got off early on Tuesday due to finishing the Peds schedule.

Turns out, it doesn't need to be firmly mounted down. Do need to put some sort of padding underneath it, as the screws which hold the one edge guide extend through the base. Herself says the 'rubber feet' are missing, and there are six spots where some sort of foot may of been mounted. However, with a bit of cleanup and two new blades (most of the cleanup associated with removing & replacing those blades) in the span of two hours I finished cutting all the backing boards still needing to be cut, as well as three 10 x 10 inch pieces, two of which I cut 5 x 5 inch openings for Portrait of Squrrl, thus matting two more prints. As I texted to Herself towards the end of the working period:

I. Like. This. Thing.

Wednesday I got home from work closer to the Usual Time. No additional work on anything other than the usual Ranch chores. Yesterday, however, I'd requested as a day off Hospital and so after morning Ranch chores, finished up with the matting, mounting, tagging and bagging plus inventory of items on hand. In the process, decided to make a quick skim of stock frames on hand, and learned there are only two left with glass to take an 11x14 sized mat. Took two of the new pieces and framed them, instead of bagging to provide some extra there. Once I completed all that I set up the mat cutter again and worked on a few more pieces, for practice and potentially to add to inventory.

Yes, I definitely like the mat cutter. If you are interested in this, do a search for "The Logan Cutter". The closest equivalent I see on their site (keep in mind, the one Mother Mary gave us is, as mentioned, seven years old to us, and older than that though we don't know how long ago the original owner acquired it) is the Logan 650-1, 655-1, 660-1: Framer's Edge Elite. Ours doesn't sport the fancy additions for lining up a mat or angles; we can cut right angles only (easily) with ours. The cutter head and track assembly is closest to this model. I suspect (from looking at their "Discontinued" page) that it is the Logan 600 Supreme Mat Cutter, which they discontinued in 1994. In any event, if one is going to be cutting a lot of mats (and I plan to be) and not wanting to pay someone else to do so (I will continue to do so for special order, at least until I get better at this), this is a Great Tool.

Now, the site states the company doesn't sell direct, so there are no prices listed. I did determine there are five places 'local' to us (as in within 25-35 kilometres). I can tell you, though, don't need to know the price to tell you Mother Mary's gift is Very Significant.

Now, time to go Feed the Ranch then load up to go set up the Studio 318 Booth Pavilion. If y'all are within driving distance of Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, come on over tomorrow or Sunday March 24-25 and enjoy the Spring Garden Festival. Oh, and look us up at Booth 138. Studio 318.

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