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In Which We See a List of Things...

Things done, not done, meditated upon, and, well, general meanderings.

Today, ordered a couple items for the Studio 318 booth based on experience and thoughts. Mysterious? No. More later on folding stands for holding artwork for sale later.

Today, also ran Herself over to Haile Town Centre Farmers Market. Weather indicated a chance of rain with a much higher chance of rain later in the day. Weather decided to rain earlier than later. She stayed the course even when the crowd started to drop off. When I arrived to help break down, some of the crowd remained under our (and other vendors) pavilion roofs. We all got quite wet. Such items as got extremely wet are set up under roofs here, to start drying out. Tomorrow is forecast for no rain. Will put things out to finish drying then.

Yesterday, priced PVC tubing supplies with an eye to three projects. Two involve Studio 318 booth. One involves extending some water lines here on the Ranch. Recall the mention above about folding stands for holding artwork. One of the projects involving PVC tubing and Studio 318 booth got cancelled this morning when I ordered those stands.

Week, Hospital, muddled through. Can't afford to stop going there entirely quite yet. Some days this is OK. I do still find satisfaction in helping people through something difficult for them. Other days this is just tiresome. Puts me in mind of my father, and a conversation we partook once where he described his time working for Chevrolet. He really enjoyed part of it, he said, the challenges of experimental engineering, problem solving, figuring out how to put into effect a design. The last five years or so, though, just something that had to be done to complete a career and pension.

Might be feeling that way, this week, because tonight I do another Graveyard Shift. I worked Midnights when I first started Nursing, by choice, really liked it. Then one day, my body said to me, Fool, we sleep at night. I said no, we work at night. Body won the arguement.

Week, not sleeping terribly well and likely due to things blooming and botanical public sex. Feeling really quite tired, and wondering if it is all physiological. Ah. Enough of that. Houdini is nudging my arm. Time to go make Evening Rounds.

Ta ta for now.

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