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Slow Morning

It is a slow startup morning here on the Ranch. Herself didn't do the Haile Plantation Farmers Market today, because of a conflict with an SCA event. She's not doing the entire event, either, however she is making a delivery to a friend of a portrait she made of that friend. So, no market. So a slower wakeup.

None the less, it is about time to head out for morning rounds. Then there will be some Ranch work, likely getting shelter for the buckling/bucks in their pen. With Spring on this side of the globe now making seasonal presence known, it's time they will need shade. Their shelter is far more portable than the does get, since the Buck pen moves about periodically. Chain-link fencing top-rail, plus some angle fittings commercialy available (for what are often called, locally, 'Red-Neck Garages'), and a tarp roof. Shelter from rain or sun.

Being lightweight they are also, depending on how well we've secured them at the time, somewhat vulnerable to winds. Last incarnation we didn't stake down tightly looking at a stretch of fair weather, and a surprise wind day surprised us. And the bucks, what with buckling portions of the frame. So today is cut to lenght new or salvaged tubing, and re-assembling the frame and tarp. This time, going into summer, we also set the reinforcing t-bar posts at each corner. T-bars right next to the corner posts, lashed to those same corner posts, and a trimmed-to-lenght cattle panel provide enough rigidity and anchoring to keep the shelter down in anything other than a tropical cyclone or tornado.

That's on for today, with a nap through the early evening so I can do my best to stay awake through another midnight shift at Hospital. Hospitals after all don't close, they're 24/7 operations (pun intended for where I specifically practice).

And so, let's be about it then.

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