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Today is Ranch Day

Monday is Tioga Town Centre Farmers & Craft Market. So it approaches time to load up the truck. Seems like the day simply flew by, even though I did accomplish some things above and beyond Ranch Chores. Still some things to do before loading the truck, like a short gap-filling feed run for the hogs.

Early morning work, after allowing myself to sleep to a reasonable hour, involved re-organising the print-ready disk storage. Print-ready means those files are ready for printing (duh!) either by myself when we replace the defunct wide-carraige printer, or by Flair Lab. While disk storage space may not be so confined as it's been in the past, that experience tells me it wouldn't take long to fill it up without some careful thought and planning. Eliminating file duplication is part of that. It's also part of 'work-flow' management.

Each session, and a single date may hold more than one session, is my general basis for cataloging and storage. It breaks down from there, though essentially the same whether we refer to film or digital imagery. If film, each individual roll becomes a sub-folder in a session folder, if digital a memory card fills the bill. Then each individual image is listed inside the roll or card folder. As we progress, additional folders are made: TIFF, JPG-Large, JPG-Small (perhaps) and then PrintReady and WebReady. The latter two are the newest wrinkle, though some variation on those themes existed previous to today. The names are pretty self-defining. WebReady are those images from a session ready to be uploaded to the World Wide Web.

I'd been making a folder (made it easier to burn the CD in one manner) for each grouping of files to be printed. These I named either for the show the pieces would go to, or the date I organised to get prints made. There's a better way to do that, as well, without duplicating files. Mind you, those CD's burned for transport to Flair Lab still serve as a backup, and redundancy in backups is not a major concern for me. The more redundancy in backups, the better.

Meanwhile, time to get back into motion on the last of the Ranch Chores, so we can head off to the Farmers & Craft Market.

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